Saturday, May 18, 2024

Latinos Disappointed with DC Comics After Stereotypical Designs About Their Culture

DC Comics publishers reviewed several cover photos for Hispanic Heritage Month, in which stereotypical Latino food was the focal point. DC Comics’ attempt to commemorate Latinos has prompted criticism from Latino artists and fans and has instead offended the community rather than celebrated it.

The ideas for the cover photos started circulating in late June, and they featured stereotypical ideals of the Latino culture. One cover features the superhero Kyle Rayner, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, in space with a bag of tamales in one hand and a flag reading “Viva Mexico!!” in the other. Another depicts Hawkgirl as a waitress carrying plates of food from “Platanitos Fritos Cafeteria.” Yet another shows Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle flying through the air with tacos.

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, whose 2016 graphic novel “La Borinqueña” explores Puerto Rican history and identity, was among the covers’ critics. He tweeted, “So, @DCComics thinks these Hispanic Heritage Month covers of their Latin superheroes eating ethnic food is a good idea.” He continues by saying that he’s never seen these superheroes eating Latin food.

Samantha King, a comic news writer for Screen Rant, called the covers “an absolute disappointment that shows a lack of creativity and respect for the community.” She believes “culture and heritage are about far more than food.”

Shortly after DC debuted its Hispanic Heritage Month covers; comic illustrator Jorge Molina shared a version of the Green Lantern cover sans tamales. In it, the character Kyle Rayner holds a green lantern and a Mexican flag. This version pays tribute to Mexican muralist Jorge González Camarena’s iconic work “La Patria.” Fortunately, DC Comics has approved this design, and Molina has confirmed that this will be the cover art coming out on September 20th.