Sunday, March 3, 2024

Tensions High in Los Angeles Following the Leaked Recording of City Council Members Making Racists Remarks

With the help of cross-cultural coalitions in Los Angeles politics, Black and Latino politicians in Los Angles have made it to top leadership roles in the racially diverse city. Unfortunately, with the leaked recording of the City Council President making racist comments about their Black peers, political tension exists between the two communities.

Nury Martinez, the first Latina elected Los Angeles City Council president, made racist remarks and comments with other Hispanic leaders in the leaked recording. She has decided to resign from her position and the council.

She commented on Councilmember Mike Bonin’s parenting with his Black son, saying he treats him like an “accessory” and comparing the boy to a “parece changuito” or a monkey. She also commented on Indigenous Mexicans from the southern states terming them “feos,” or ugly. These comments stunned and hurt many in the Black community.

The Black community makes up less than 9% of the city’s 4 million population. Concerns have been building in this group as the Latino population has grown considerably to nearly half of the city’s population. Hispanic politicians have started assuming more high-ranking roles.

Danny J. Bakewell, Sr., the executive publisher of the Los Angeles Sentinel, a Black-run newspaper, wrote, “to discover that these conversations are a part of the dialogue of the very people entrusted to lead the city of Los Angeles and to realize that there is a plot amongst them to minimize the voice and political power of the Black community makes it even more reprehensible.”

In the recording, Martinez referred to Bonin, who is gay, as a “little bitch” and De León called Bonin the council’s “fourth Black member.”

Eddie Anderson, the Black senior pastor of the McCarty Memorial Christian Church in Los Angeles, said the “horrific statements by the highest officials in local government” were just part of “a plan to dilute the Black vote and power in our community.”

Latino leaders around the U.S. denounced the recorded remarks and called for Martinez and the others to resign.

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