Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Granddaughter of the Late Cesar Chavez, Set to be President Biden’s Campaign Manager

President Joe Biden plans to have Julie Chavez Rodriguez, one of the most prominent Latinas in the administration, as his 2024 re-election campaign manager. Chavez Rodriguez, the granddaughter of the late labor leader Cesar Chavez, is a senior advisor to the president and director of the White House of Intergovernmental Affairs.

“It makes sense to bring someone with her bona fides to Biden’s campaign leadership team,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, the president and CEO of Voto Latino, a nonprofit organization that seeks to boost Latino participation in elections.

Biden announced his bid on the fourth anniversary of his 2020 campaign launch.

Chavez Rodriguez was the chief of staff on Vice President Kamala Harris’ unsuccessful bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and later was a deputy campaign manager on Biden’s election team in 2020.

Democrats expect that most of the shots for his campaign will be called from the White House, where his coterie of top advisors is. Biden’s campaign is ramping up at a time when former President Donald Trump has taken the lead in polls of Republican primary contenders and potential candidates.

NBC News