Saturday, April 20, 2024

California Officials are Investigating a Flight of Migrants to Sacramento Made with State Funds

Sixteen migrants from Venezuela and Colombia were flown to California on a private chartered jet under a false promise of jobs. They were dropped off outside a church in Sacramento on Friday.

Rob Bonta, California’s Attorney General, said that the documents presented by the migrants were administered by the Florida Division of Emergency Management and its contractor Vertol Systems Company. California’s state officials are accusing the contractor of transporting the group from outside a Texas migrant center to California under a false promise of jobs.

The migrants were not fluent in English and were approached outside El Paso to sign the documents to board a plane to Sacramento. This event mirrored a tactic used by Republican governors who opposed President Biden’s immigration policies by taking groups of migrants to states led by Democrats.

Mr. Bonta, California’s Attorney General, and Gavin Newsom, California’s Governor, both Democrats, met with the migrants and agreed to take care of them while they were in the state.

Mr. Bonta promised to pursue the possibility of criminal or civil charges against those involved in the transport of the migrants.

This is the second time that migrants have been transported from Texas to Sacramento in the past few months.

The migrants arrived in the U.S. seeking asylum, but none with the idea of going to Sacramento. Once they arrived at the border, they were offered help securing a job, shelter, clothing, and other necessities by the contractor. Many of the migrants fled the economic crisis in Venezuela.

The flight for the migrants cost at least $1.5 million in taxpayer money.

The New York Times