Saturday, June 15, 2024


Obama didn’t say Americans should solve the problems of immigrant children who don’t speak English. He said “everybody” should learn two or three languages. Included in “everybody” would be children who speak only Spanish. How can it possibly be a bad thing for a Spanish-speaking child to learn English? To oppose that, one must be stupid, mean or both.

Leading conservative blogs attracted posts like these:

• Bull. English is the language of commerce and should stay that way.
• Everyone should be bilingual. Why? I live in America and I don’t plan on living anywhere else. As long as I live in America, speaking English is sufficient.
Conservatives, of all Americans, should know that prosperity results from innovation and free trade. More and better communication and education can only bolster the tenets of prosperity. Conservatives should know that bilingual people have more options than those constrained by a single language….

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