Saturday, March 2, 2024

Biden unveils immigration plan and acknowledges the pain caused by the Obama-era deportations

Joe Biden unveiled a plan Wednesday to reform the U.S. immigration system and reverse President Trump’s policies as Democratic White House hopefuls pressure the president over some of his most criticized tactics. In introducing the broad proposal, the 2020 presidential candidate’s campaign also acknowledged the backlash he has faced over the deportation practices of the […]

Trump says deal to benefit DREAMers is possible if Supreme court strikes down DACA

Yesterday President Trump called on the Supreme Court to strike down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, ahead of the top court’s November hearing on the legality of Trump’s termination of the Obama-era program. In a pair of tweets, Trump said that if the DACA is upheld it would give the president “extraordinary […]

Judge denies Texas’ request to end DACA

  Seven states that sued to block DACA couldn’t demonstrate that permitting it to continue was causing irreparable harm, a federal judge said on Friday, declining to halt the Obama-era policy that protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation. “Here, the egg has been scrambled,” Hanen wrote in his ruling. “To try to put it back […]

DACA headed for a court showdown

  A federal judge on Friday upheld his order that DACA should be fully restored, setting a 20-day deadline for the administration to do so. DC District Judge John Bates said the Trump administration has still failed to justify its decision to end the Obama-era program that has protected from deportation nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants […]

With Obama’s support young Latino Arab-American hopes to win a House seat

A young Democratic congressional candidate of Latino and Arab descent who is running against an incumbent in a traditionally Republican district, got a boost from his old boss, former President Barack Obama. Campa-Najjar, 29, is one of nearly 100 Democrats across the country who were endorsed Wednesday by Barack and Michelle Obama. The former first […]

After Obama’s Visit, Cuba Must Decide It’s Future

After President Obama’s historic visit to the Cuba there seems to be a feeling of optimist in the air in Havana where citizens are hoping that with normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba will lead to a better economy and better way of life. American tourist have taken advantage of some of the […]

Obama’s Historic Trip To Cuba

History was made Sunday as President Obama became the first president since 1923 to land in the Caribbean country of Cuba. Our neighbors that are only 90 miles away have not been visited by an American president since Calvin Coolidge. President Obama now goes to the island nation to advance talks by both governments in […]

GOP Candidates Try to Address Immigration Amid Growing Voter Concerns on Issue

Republican candidates throughout the United States have scaled up efforts to address immigration in their campaign platforms and messaging amid growing concerns over immigration. A recent Gallup Poll found that immigration now trumps concerns about healthcare and the country’s deficit among Republican voters. Representative Scott Perry, a first-term Republican congressman from Pennsylvania, attributed this growing concern […]

Report Cites Considerable Precedent for President to Act on Immigration Reform Through Executive Action

          American Bridge, a democratic research firm released a memo this week that revealed there is considerable precedent for the president to use his executive authority to address immigration policy. Republicans in Congress have criticized the president heavily for his allegedly reckless use of executive authority, yet the report debunks these […]

Obama Defends Executive Action Amidst Criticism

President Obama on Wednesday announced that he will be assessing his executive authority to respond to growing crises, including the border crisis and the growing trend of U.S. companies reincorporating overseas. As comprehensive immigration reform has officially failed to pass before August recess, with many feeling increasingly frustrated at Congress’ inaction, Obama asserts that “the […]