Saturday, May 18, 2024

NCLR President Janet Murguía to GOP: our complaint is ‘personal’

The National Council of La Raza’s annual awards gala last night served a significant platform for expressing the organization’s ire toward the Republican Party. NCLR’s president, Janet Murguía, who once stamped President Obama as “deporter-in-chief,” redirected her outrage to the GOP, lambasting the party for a perceived “growing malignancy” toward immigration, their inaction toward true […]

President Obama Has Used His Executive Authority Less than Any President in the Last 100 Years

Since President Obama announced his plan to shield at least 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation through executive action, republicans have been quick to accuse the president of abusing his executive authority and overstepping the U.S. Constitution. Yet compared to his predecessors, Obama has used his executive authority less than any other president in the […]

Minority Leader Pelosi Urges Immigration Activist to hold Republicans Accountable for Immigration Delay

This week, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged immigration activists not to lose sight of Republican inaction that has caused immigration reform to stall in congress. Pelosi acknowledged that the current frustration of many Latinos and activists is warranted, albeit misdirected, and Republicans should also be held accountable for their recent role in delaying meaningful […]

White House Officials Meet with Congressional Hispanic Caucus to Discuss Immigration Delay

On Thursday, top White House officials met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to assuage their concerns over the president’s decision to delay taking executive action on immigration until after the November midterms. Latino lawmakers were understandably livid over the delay but used the meeting with the White House to identify viable next steps […]

President Obama Reiterates Intent to Use Executive Authority to Act on Immigration

During a White House press conference on Thursday, President Obama reiterated his intent to issue a series of executive actions on immigration. While the president did not provide any specific details about potential action he would take, he noted that congressional inaction would not stop him from exploring the broad range of possible options on the […]

Senator Marco Rubio’s Shift on Immigration Reform Alienates Advocates

It was just over a year ago that Senator Marco Rubio was a part of the exclusive “Gang of Eight” bi-partisan group of Senators that authored a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate. Since then, there has been a dramatic shift in the senator’s rhetoric regarding immigration reform, and he is now one of […]

GOP Candidates Try to Address Immigration Amid Growing Voter Concerns on Issue

Republican candidates throughout the United States have scaled up efforts to address immigration in their campaign platforms and messaging amid growing concerns over immigration. A recent Gallup Poll found that immigration now trumps concerns about healthcare and the country’s deficit among Republican voters. Representative Scott Perry, a first-term Republican congressman from Pennsylvania, attributed this growing concern […]

High-level White House Discussions Underway with Big Businesses On Immigration

A series of high-level talks with top business leaders are currently underway at the White House to explore a potential widening of the executive actions President Obama can take on immigration. Senior White House officials are meeting with corporate giants in the technology, agricultural and business sector in hopes of finding long-term solutions for the […]

Report Cites Considerable Precedent for President to Act on Immigration Reform Through Executive Action

          American Bridge, a democratic research firm released a memo this week that revealed there is considerable precedent for the president to use his executive authority to address immigration policy. Republicans in Congress have criticized the president heavily for his allegedly reckless use of executive authority, yet the report debunks these […]

Comentarios From Maria: Executive Action Necessary

President Obama dubbed 2014 as the year of action in regards to the measures he has taken that will benefit the American people and the actions he will continue to take with or without this Republican Congress, which continues to be the least productive in history. As a Latina who grew up with the American Dream […]