Thursday, July 18, 2024

Comentarios From Maria: After The Terrorist Attacks, More Racism And Intolerance

In addition to the deplorable terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, and President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba and Argentina, last week was full of events, leaving the presidential candidates with much to talk about. The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took on this issue in a speech laying out her plan to combat terrorism, […]

Comentarios from Maria: Just One “Like” Could Take a Life

We’ve all seen it. Killing time at a stoplight, someone decides to check a work email. Driving home, they’re checking out photos from a BBQ last weekend. They’re texting a friend to let them know about plans for the evening. They’re tweeting about the upcoming election at a slow intersection. As our already fast-paced world […]

Comentarios from Maria: Trump May Be the Worst, but Beware of the Other Republican Candidates

Last week, Donald Trump committed what can be considered one of the most monumental errors of his short campaign for president of the United States, attacking Jorge Ramos, one of the most influential Latino reporters in the U.S. with programs on Univision and Fusion. Ramos was in a press conference with Trump and had the […]

Comentarios from Maria: The debate over marriage equality

Last week, the Supreme Court took a historic step by considering one of the most controversial and enduring civil rights struggles of our time: if marriage equality is a right protected by our Constitution. Although we are still months from a final decision, I am certain that the justices of the Court will not lose […]

Comentarios From Maria: Why voters won’t fall for Rubio

Marco Rubio has officially waded into the waters of the 2016 Republican nomination for the presidency. The senator has the gift of oratory and a compelling family story that he tells so well. He seems to embody the quintessential American Dream and it is clear he hopes his story will speak to many Americans, who […]

Comentarios From Maria: John Boehner’s lack of leadership and its disastrous consequences

We’ve seen this movie before, and we know that it does not end well. In 2013, Republicans in Congress demonstrated that they were willing to shut down the government and lead our country to the brink of disaster because the battle over the end of year budget did not sway in their favor.  Now, Republicans […]

Comentarios From Maria: Listen Up GOP-Climate Change is a priority for Latinos

A few weeks ago, we heard the president’s State of the Union Address where he stated that there is no greater challenge or threat facing future generations than climate change. Without question, this message resonated deeply with the Latino community because conservation and respect for the environment are fundamental parts of our histories and cultures. […]

Comentarios from Maria: Discord and Dissonance in the new Republican Congress

Four weeks after assuming control of both chambers of Congress, the new Republican majority finds itself divided and in a state of chaos. Last week, members of the National Security Commission in the House of Representatives approved an extremist bill that seeks to secure and militarize the border with Mexico even more. Yet this week, […]

Comentarios From Maria: Our National Integrity and the CIA Torture Report

Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee published a report detailing the alarming tactics employed by the CIA in the aftermath of September 11th. The brutality of the actions described in the report was undoubtedly, inconsistent with the principles and ideals that we cherish as Americans.  The report reminds us that as a country, we are […]

Comentarios From Maria: Our Community Supports the President’s Executive Action

The Latino community is more united than ever.  9 in 10 Latino voters support the President’s executive actions that will protect at least 5 million undocumented immigrants from being deported. Latinos are not alone: according to various recent studies, a majority of Americans recognize that these actions are an important step towards protecting our country […]