Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Cruz Calls It Quits In Indiana

Senator Ted Cruz finally dropped out of the race for the Republican Party’s nomination for president. The senator from Texas did so yesterday after his crushing defeat against Donald Trump in the state of Indiana which was supposed to be tailor made for him. Cruz stated in his announcement that “It appears that path has […]

Comentarios from Maria: Together We Can Change The World But We Must Fight For Our Rights

Last week’s election week was dedicated to women, who compose more than 53 percent of the voting population. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after having a great night last Tuesday and accumulating more than 284 delegates, and is now considered the winner of the Democratic primary Last week Hillary won the states of Connecticut, […]

Immigrants For Trump?

They is a small list of people that haven’t been insulted by Donald Trump, but every once in a while he will point out someone from the crowd that belongs to one of the groups he has insulted and say that they love him, they really do. Trump is leading the polls in the New […]

Comentarios From Maria: After The Terrorist Attacks, More Racism And Intolerance

In addition to the deplorable terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, and President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba and Argentina, last week was full of events, leaving the presidential candidates with much to talk about. The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took on this issue in a speech laying out her plan to combat terrorism, […]

Latino Issues Not Discussed During GOP Debate

Last night’s GOP debate was at times entertaining, ugly, and ridiculous. They discussed issues pertaining to the dismantling of the IRS to the size of Donald Trump’s body parts. Two hours of yelling, screaming and insults, but not a minute was spent discussing the issues that are important to Latinos in this election. Whomever the […]

Ted Cruz Wants To Deport All 12 Million Undocumented Immigrants

Heading into the Nevada Republican caucus, the most diverse presidential contest this year, Ted Cruz has vowed to use federal immigration officers to round-up and deport all 12 million undocumented immigration in the U.S. “Yes, we should deport them,” Cruz told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “We should build a wall, we should triple the Border […]

GOP Congress Eyes Restrictions Of Cuban Refugee Benefits As Opposition To Increased Ties Fades

U.S. Rep Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), a Cuban-American and native of south Florida, has introduced a bill aimed at implementing stricter controls over the Refugee Education Assistance Act that provides government assistance to Cuban-Americans and would require recipients to prove they are in fact political refugees living in the United States and escaping political prosecution. This […]

GOP’s Immigration Agenda: ‘Mass Deportation’

Mass Deportation: That’s the slogan that immigration and civil rights activists are using to describe the Republican Party in a new report by the Alliance for Citizenship issued on the same day as a GOP-controlled US House hearing on whether or not people born in the United States should get automatic citizenship. In the report […]

GOP’s Misguided Understanding of Latino Voters

Jeb Bush believes that in order to win over Latinos in the coming 2016 election Republicans should embrace higher levels of immigration and in turn, Latinos will move over to the GOP camp. In exchange for supporting higher levels of immigration, Bush and other Republicans in the 2016 GOP presidential field reason that Latinos will […]

How Might Kevin McCarthy, Likely Successor to Eric Cantor, Impact Immigration Reform?

The primary that shocked the nation has positioned Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, as the front-runner in the election for House Majority Leader, which is set to take place on June 19. But the question remains: with all the talk about the future of immigration reform, how might McCarthy shape the debate? McCarthy has indicated that he […]