Saturday, May 18, 2024

Clinton Won Puerto Rico, Now Here Comes California

Hillary Clinton had some great wins in the Caribbean this weekend which put her on the cusp of claiming the Democratic presidential nomination and sending rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, back to Capitol Hill. Yet, despite her wins in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Clinton’s attention on Sunday night was focused on […]

The Battle For Latinos In California

All eyes are on California as the winner of this deceive primary in the Democratic primary. After the Golden State votes on June 7th, Hillary Clinton will finally reach the 2,383 delegates needed to win the democratic presidential nomination, combined with both superdelegates and pledge delegates. But Senator Bernie Sanders hopes to win the state […]

Comentarios from Maria: Together We Can Change The World But We Must Fight For Our Rights

Last week’s election week was dedicated to women, who compose more than 53 percent of the voting population. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after having a great night last Tuesday and accumulating more than 284 delegates, and is now considered the winner of the Democratic primary Last week Hillary won the states of Connecticut, […]

What A Night For Hillary

Hillary Clinton won four of the five Democratic primaries last night and all but secured the Democratic nomination. Yesterday was the last big day of multiple contests before Democrats conclude their primary voting in June and it was a big night for Clinton. She won Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware, and Sanders won in Rhode […]

Comentarios from Maria: The General Election Matchup Is Almost Set For November

Last week, the voters in the state of New York went to the polls to make known their voices heard. As the voting day approached, the remaining candidates did their best to get their message to voters of the state which was crucial for the remaining candidate who are contending for the nomination of their […]

Debate or Slugfest?

Yesterday in Brooklyn, New York Democrats had their ninth debate of the presidential election season. The night was a slugfest for both candidates as Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sec. Hillary Clinton discussed issues from gun control, minimum wage, and banking regulations. From the first question the audience could see it would be a yelling match […]

Comentarios From Maria: Bernie Beyond the Pale

Sen. Bernie Sanders went beyond the pale this week by saying outright he did not think former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was qualified to be president. His reason? He took a CNN report that the Clinton campaign was going to go hard against him and used that to incorrectly assert that Clinton was stating […]

Candidates Battle For Arizona In Today’s Primary

The Arizona primaries are today. Many people like Martin Hernandez have already decided that they will stand with Clinton. He said he likes Clinton’s stance on many issues that are important to Latinos such as healthcare and immigration. As the organizing director for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 99, who have endorsed […]

Comentarios From Maria: With Victory In Mind

We’re moving closer each day to knowing the candidates for each party for president of the United States. On the Republican side, Donald Trump came out the winner after last week’s Super Tuesday, winning the states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, and accumulating the necessary delegates needed to win the nomination. Governor John […]

“Yuge” Win For Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is a very happy candidate today as she wakes up to a sweeping victory in all five states that held primaries last night. Florida was the prize of the night, being the most diverse and the biggest delegate count. Clinton won the sunshine state with over 65% of the vote and Latinos played […]