Monday, July 15, 2024

Comentarios From Maria: Bernie Beyond the Pale

Sen. Bernie Sanders went beyond the pale this week by saying outright he did not think former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was qualified to be president. His reason? He took a CNN report that the Clinton campaign was going to go hard against him and used that to incorrectly assert that Clinton was stating […]

Why Minority Voters Are Crucial in the Democratic Primaries

  The Nevada caucus was the first contest this year to have a significant number of black and Hispanics voters participate in the Democratic presidential election. This was also the first state to be dominated by urban voters. According to exit polls black and Hispanic voters accounted for a third of actual voters in this […]

Dramatic Night In Iowa as Clinton, Cruz Declared Winners

Last night’s Iowa Caucuses turned out to be a dramatic event for both the Democratic and Republican contenders with Texas Senator Ted Cruz pulling out a come from behind victory over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders neck and neck until the race was finally called for Clinton this morning. In […]

Comentarios from Maria: Competitive Primaries Make for Stronger Candidates

As the field of presidential hopefuls grows day-by-day, it emphasizes and reminds us that one of the greatest riches of a true democracy is that it allows for free and competitive elections. What is interesting about this election cycle is that we are witnessing two very distinct manifestations of this democratic principle within each party. […]