Friday, April 12, 2024

Clinton and Trump Gear Up For Their Final Presidential Debate

In their final showdown before voters cast their ballots, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may focus on some of the hot-topic issues that escaped them in the first two debates. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said the Democratic nominee “will be ready for whatever scorched-earth tactics (Trump) tries” in Wednesday’s debate. Moderator Chris Wallace […]

Comentarios from Maria: Trump demanding Clinton transparency is dishonest hypocrisy

This campaign season is unorthodox. That is an understatement. But we have also let fester an insidious and dangerous layer of false equivalence and normalization of hate that has settled upon how the campaigns are covered, talked about and perceived. For the good of the voters, it has to stop. What is this false equivalence […]

Clinton and Obama Speak at CHCI’s 38th Annual Awards Gala

Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump for “bigotry” because he refused to say President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and she called on a roomful of Latinos and online viewers Thursday night to “stop him conclusively in November.” “We need to decide who we are. If we just sigh and shake our head and accept […]

Clinton is Gaining Support from Millennial Cuban-Americans

Rafael Sanchez is a Cuban-American who lives in the predominately Cuban neighborhood of Westchester in Miami-Dade County. He works at a local health center and has voted for the Republican presidential nominee in previous elections. But this November, for the first time, the 29-year-old plans to switch his political affiliation. “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton,” […]

Fox News Latino Poll Shows Latinos Highly Favor Clinton

With less than four months to go before Election Day, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton holds a commanding 46-point lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump among Hispanic voters, according to an exclusive poll released Thursday by Fox News Latino. The poll found that 66 percent of registered Latinos would head to the ballot box […]

Clinton Surrogates are Focusing on the Latino Vote

Last month, Joaquín Castro went to Center City and down to the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia to choose Hillary Clinton as this year’s Democratic presidential nominee. Before he did so, though, Castro went to the Caplan Center for Performing Arts on South Broad St. where he addressed a group of potential voters who […]

Clinton’s Nomination Follows Trend of Latin American Women In Power

By any measure, the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the first female nominee to a major political party in the United States is monumental. This week Clinton has gone farther than any other woman in U.S. history, but globally – and surprisingly more so in the machismo world of Latin America – female political figures […]

Clinton: Latinos “Make Our Nation Stronger”

Hillary Clinton has a clear message to our community. We need to turn out to vote because this is our election. On Thursday she urged us to send a message to Donald Trump “with one voice that Latinos are a vital part of the American community.” “We are not strangers,” Clinton stated, in her remarks […]

Hillary Clinton to Speak at the 87th Annual LULAC National Convention & Exposition

Hillary Clinton and several of her surrogates will attend this week’s League of United Latin American Citizens convention shortly before the GOP’s political convention. Donald Trump and his representatives won’t be coming to the convention, though he was invited, but his camp never responded. Brent Wilkes, executive director of LULAC, an organization with a long […]

Comentarios from Maria: GOP’s Back-up Plan Against Clinton Goes Up In Flames

Political America can now exhale. FBI Director James Comey announced today that he would not be recommending any charges be brought against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, for intentionally mishandling classified information. While there is certainly a huge sigh of relief coming from Brooklyn headquarters, there’s no question that […]