Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Obama Nominates Jeffrey DeLaurentis to Be First Cuban Ambassador in Over 50 Years

President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated Jeffrey DeLaurentis be the first U.S. ambassador to Cuba since the two countries broke off relations 55 years ago. The appointment would be a promotion for DeLaurentis, who’s been the U.S. chief of mission in Havana since 2014, paving the way for Obama’s initiative to normalize relations with Cuba […]

Clinton and Obama Speak at CHCI’s 38th Annual Awards Gala

Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump for “bigotry” because he refused to say President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and she called on a roomful of Latinos and online viewers Thursday night to “stop him conclusively in November.” “We need to decide who we are. If we just sigh and shake our head and accept […]

Mexican President Pena Nieto Visits the White House

Hours after Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination, President Barack Obama opened the White House to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. The White House shrugged off suggestions that the visit was meant to highlight differences between Democrats and Republicans, particularly on attitudes toward Latinos. “I think it’s fair to say that almost anything that […]

Latino Civil Rights Group Say “No” To Trump Over “Vilification” Of Latinos

Earlier this week the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest Latino civil rights organization in the country, decided not to invite Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to their annual convention this year. They cited the presumptive GOP’s comment on the Latino community as “indiscriminate vilification of an entire community.” NCLR National President and […]

Supreme Court Hits Tie Decision on Obama’s Immigration Policy

Yesterday the Supreme Court hit a tie decision on President Barack Obama’s immigration policy. The tie vote, on the United States v. Texas, No. 15-674 case, means the justices were unable to announce a ruling, so that leaves in place the lower court ruling against implementing the plan. In addition to shielding parents from deportation, […]

Would Tom Perez Be A Good Choice For VP?

During this 2016 election season, the issue on many voters’ minds is that of jobs and the economy. That has been the same issues that have been a part of the daily life of Labor Secretary Tom Perez. Perez is one of three Latinos who have been rumored as a potential running mate for the […]

Trump Reveals How He’ll Fund the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

It was finally revealed by Donald Trump’s campaign how he plans on getting Mexico to pay for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. The plan was written out in a two-page memo, titled “Compelling Mexico to Pay for the Wall,” sent to the Washington Post. In his memo, Trump stated that in order to get the wall […]

Obama Strengthens Relations With Latin America

The United States is working to rebuild past relations with Latin America in the recent weeks. This was shown largely in part by President Obama’s visits to Cuba and Argentina this week. However, since it is the President’s last term and the choice for the next presidential candidate is unpredictable, Latin America is greeting this […]

House GOP Opposes Obama’s Immigration Actions At SCOTUS

The United States House of Representatives voted along party lines to oppose President Obama’s executive actions on immigration stating that the president overstepped his powers in creating deportation relief programs for millions of undocumented immigrants. A case on those actions is set to be heard by the Supreme Court next month. With a rare move […]

Latino Legal Minds Support Garland Nomination

Yesterday morning, President Obama nominated federal appeals judge Merrick Garland to the highest court in the land, the U.S. Supreme Court. This nomination came as a surprise to some who had hoped for a candidate that would increase the high court’s diversity. Nevertheless, many Latino legal experts stated that they support the president’s nomination. Thomas […]