Sunday, July 21, 2024

Clinton and Obama Speak at CHCI’s 38th Annual Awards Gala


Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump for “bigotry” because he refused to say President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and she called on a roomful of Latinos and online viewers Thursday night to “stop him conclusively in November.”

“We need to decide who we are. If we just sigh and shake our head and accept this, what does that tell our kids about who we are? …. We need to stop him conclusively in November …,” Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, said a speech following one by Obama at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute annual gala on Thursday night.

Clinton also blasted Trump for calling a preacher in Flint, Michigan, who stopped the GOP nominee from delivering a political speech at her church, a “nervous mess.” He was “dead wrong,” Clinton said. She’s not a nervous mess, “she’s a rock for her community,” she said. Clinton’s thumping of Trump began early in the speech when she mocked a comment made by one of his supporters during an MSNBC interview. “I personally think a taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious,” she said.

Speaking before Clinton, Obama roused the crowd with economic news released this week by the Census bureau showing that last year the U.S. experienced the first significant increase in household income since 2007 and the number of people living in poverty fell. “In each of these areas, Latino Americans made some of the largest gains,” Obama said. “That’s why all in all Hispanic families are feeling more optimistic about their prospects today than they did eight years ago.” The two Democrats also contrasted their support for the contributions of immigrants and young immigrants known as DREAMers; drawing a distinction with Trump’s calling for a wall.

Obama spoke of young immigrants who were able to attend college because of his immigration executive action, DACA, which Trump opposes. This was Obama’s last speech to CHCI and his fifth as president. He also spoke in 2008 as a candidate. Clinton was at the event last year to present an award. “I’m having trouble accepting this is my final trip here a president,” Obama said.

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