Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: Now Its Hillary Clinton’s Turn

How far has the Republican Party come? Last week, after winning the state of Indiana with 53 percent of the vote, Donald Trump officially became the presumptive Republicans nominee for the presidency of the United States. His closest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, threw in the towel and suspended his campaign after losing the state […]

Cruz Calls It Quits In Indiana

Senator Ted Cruz finally dropped out of the race for the Republican Party’s nomination for president. The senator from Texas did so yesterday after his crushing defeat against Donald Trump in the state of Indiana which was supposed to be tailor made for him. Cruz stated in his announcement that “It appears that path has […]

Bad Week For Trump Good Week For Cruz

Donald Trump has had one of the worst weeks of the 2016 presidential race, which doesn’t help him as the Wisconsin primaries are only a few days away. Ted Cruz’s campaign has been the biggest benefiter of this disaster of a week for Trump, giving Cruz’s campaign a much needed boost and raising their hopes […]

Comentarios From Maria: After The Terrorist Attacks, More Racism And Intolerance

In addition to the deplorable terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, and President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba and Argentina, last week was full of events, leaving the presidential candidates with much to talk about. The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took on this issue in a speech laying out her plan to combat terrorism, […]

Candidates Battle For Arizona In Today’s Primary

The Arizona primaries are today. Many people like Martin Hernandez have already decided that they will stand with Clinton. He said he likes Clinton’s stance on many issues that are important to Latinos such as healthcare and immigration. As the organizing director for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 99, who have endorsed […]

Comentarios From Maria: With Victory In Mind

We’re moving closer each day to knowing the candidates for each party for president of the United States. On the Republican side, Donald Trump came out the winner after last week’s Super Tuesday, winning the states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, and accumulating the necessary delegates needed to win the nomination. Governor John […]

Republican Candidates Get Ready To Take On The Florida Primaries

  Trump, Rubio and Cruz are heavily campaigning in Florida as they go up against each other in tomorrow’s primary election. Due to the popularity of early-voting in Florida, last minute campaigning does not have the greatest amount of impact, so starting early is key. About a million republicans have already casted ballots in the […]

Latino Issues Not Discussed During GOP Debate

Last night’s GOP debate was at times entertaining, ugly, and ridiculous. They discussed issues pertaining to the dismantling of the IRS to the size of Donald Trump’s body parts. Two hours of yelling, screaming and insults, but not a minute was spent discussing the issues that are important to Latinos in this election. Whomever the […]

Big Super Tuesday Wins for Trump and Clinton

Super Tuesday has passed and we witnessed Clinton and Trump take home the biggest leads. While Cruz did not take the lead over Trump, he did win the much coveted state of Texas, along with Clinton. Both of their Texas wins were heavily backed by the Latino vote in the state. Both of the night’s […]

Latinos Vote For Trump?

Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus with more than 20 percentage points, but that’s not the most surprising part of his victory last night, he also won Latinos by a huge margin. Trump claimed 45 percent of the Latino vote in Tuesday’s caucus, according to an entrance poll conducted by Fox News. The Frontrunner was […]