Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Comentarios From Maria: The only way to take down Trump? A united Democratic front

Super Tuesday was a great night for the front runners in both parties – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both won a majority of the states holding primaries and caucuses, both have amassed a delegate lead that will be difficult to surpass, and both have an easier pathway to the nomination after last night. The […]

Big Super Tuesday Wins for Trump and Clinton

Super Tuesday has passed and we witnessed Clinton and Trump take home the biggest leads. While Cruz did not take the lead over Trump, he did win the much coveted state of Texas, along with Clinton. Both of their Texas wins were heavily backed by the Latino vote in the state. Both of the night’s […]

Latinos Will Play A Key Role On Super Tuesday

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and for some candidates it’s do or die, with over a quarter of pledged delegates up for grabs. Even with the large electoral bulk of March 1st, tomorrow will give us a strong indication about who Latinos political preference lies. Most of our attention will be placed on Latinos in Texas, […]