Friday, July 12, 2024

Latinos Vote For Trump?

Trump 2

Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus with more than 20 percentage points, but that’s not the most surprising part of his victory last night, he also won Latinos by a huge margin. Trump claimed 45 percent of the Latino vote in Tuesday’s caucus, according to an entrance poll conducted by Fox News. The Frontrunner was not hurt by his offensive rhetoric on immigration in the Sliver state. Among Latinos, Marco Rubio finished in second with 28 percent and Ted Cruz in third with 18 percent. However, Latino voters only made up eight percent of the Republican caucus-goers.

“You know what I really am happy about, because I’ve been saying it for a long time,” Trump said during his victory speech early Wednesday. “46 percent with the Hispanics … number one with Hispanics!”

Coming off his third victory, Trump seemed more confident than on Tuesday night about winning the Republican nomination. “It’s going to be an amazing two months,” he told an excited crowd at a Las Vegas casino. “We might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest.”

Entrance polls in Nevada reveal the sentiment that propelled Trump’s insurgent campaign: Six in 10 caucus goers said they were angry with the way the government is working, and Trump got about half of them. This victory in Nevada gives Trump a commanding lead in the race to the nomination. Trump won at least 12 delegates last night with Rubio and Cruz taking at least five apiece, leaving eight delegates to be allocated. Overall, Trump leads with 79 delegates, Cruz has 16 and Rubio has 15. In order to win the nomination for president it takes 1,237, but that path seems closer for Trump now.

Results from the entrance poll also show that about 3 in 10 early caucus goers said that the quality which mattered most to them was someone that shared their values, more than the quarter who want a candidate who can win in November. About a quarter said they want a candidate that can bring change and about two in 10 want someone who “tells it like it is.” Not surprisingly Trump won nine out of 10 of those voters.

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