Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Latino Republicans Concerned with Trump’s Immigration Plan

On Wednesday, the White House announced its support for a new immigration overhaul proposal that will reduce legal immigration over the next 10 years by half through massive restrictions on who enters the country. Latino Republicans are expressing concerns over the perils of Trump’s hardline position, claiming it will have repercussions for not only him […]

Latinos Vote For Trump?

Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus with more than 20 percentage points, but that’s not the most surprising part of his victory last night, he also won Latinos by a huge margin. Trump claimed 45 percent of the Latino vote in Tuesday’s caucus, according to an entrance poll conducted by Fox News. The Frontrunner was […]

Congress creates obstacles for GOP Latino outreach, recruitment

Republican operatives tasked with attracting Latino voters just might have the hardest job in Washington. Party leaders, in their first month with a bicameral majority, have been attempting to get their members to soften their tone on undocumented immigration and engage in coalition building with a long-disillusioned Latino electorate to ignite a conversation around issues like […]