Monday, June 17, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: The General Election Matchup Is Almost Set For November


Last week, the voters in the state of New York went to the polls to make known their voices heard. As the voting day approached, the remaining candidates did their best to get their message to voters of the state which was crucial for the remaining candidate who are contending for the nomination of their party for president. In the end, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came out victorious in the state in their parties’ primaries with very comfortable margins, despite leaving everything on the battlefield.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump emerged victorious with 60% of voters. With this victory Donald Trump won 89 delegates and thus further consolidated his position as the Republican Party nominee. The governor of Ohio, John Kasich, came second with 25 % of the vote, amassing just 4 of the 95 delegates awarded by the Republican Party of New York.

Senator Ted Cruz won 14% of the vote despite having the momentum, coming into the state with his victories in more conservative states. Many within the Republican Party are doing everything possible to prevent Trump from winning the nomination. Despite this, there is also a wing of the party that does not want Ted Cruz to be the nominee, as it would be equally dangerous to have either as president. Both candidates, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, are competing to see who can be more intolerant or which one can oppress more minorities. Luckily we have Democrats who give us hope for a brighter future.

For their part, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a strong confrontation after having a very good debate the week before. Bernie Sanders stunned many with the massive attendance at his rallies, even breaking President Obama’s record at the same venue. Despite running a tremendous campaign, the Senator from Vermont could not beat the former senator of the state of New York. Hillary Clinton won 58% of Democratic voters of this state accumulating 175 delegates and putting  Senator Sanders in a very difficult situation now that the delegate count needed to reach 2,383 delegates- which is what is needed to win the nomination, has become even more difficult to reach now.

Among New York voters and according to exit polls, 64% of Latinos in the state voted for Hillary Clinton. Similarly, 75% of African Americans voted for former Secretary of State along with 63% of women who also preferred Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders won 65% of voters aged 18-29, indicating a generational divide within the party.

As the primary season ends and we enter the general election after the conventions of both parties, we must take seriously the generational divide. When Democrats meet in Philadelphia to nominate their next candidate, we must be united if we want to beat Donald Trump and Republicans.

These elections are very important and despite ideological differences between the two Democrats, we all have the same goal in mind, a better future.

Original article can be found at The Washington Hispanic.