Saturday, May 25, 2024

Puerto Ricans Vote for Statehood Amid Historically Low Turnout

On Sunday, Puerto Rico residents voted in a non-binding vote for statehood, with historically low numbers. Almost eight out of 10 voters did not participate. “Eight out of 10 voters went to the beach, went to the river, went to go eat, went to go hang out, went to church, but they sure didn’t go […]

Trump Slams Dems and Puerto Rico for Possible Government Shutdown

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that Democrats were attempting to bail out insurance companies and Puerto Rico from ObamaCare, and on Thursday, he went further to suggest Democrats were willing to shut down the government for the sake of Puerto Rico. Trump’s comments come in lieu of lobbying efforts by island officials, to close a Medicare […]

Senate Ready To Vote On Puerto Rico’s Debt Bill

As the default date for Puerto Rico looms closer the Senate, expects to begin voting on the rescue package for the debt-stricken island. Puerto Rico is expected to default on its’ $2 billion debt payment. The bill has had bi-partisan opposition, but party leaders have endorsed it and promised to complete it before the July […]

Clinton Won Puerto Rico, Now Here Comes California

Hillary Clinton had some great wins in the Caribbean this weekend which put her on the cusp of claiming the Democratic presidential nomination and sending rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, back to Capitol Hill. Yet, despite her wins in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Clinton’s attention on Sunday night was focused on […]

New Bill is Introduced to Handle Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

A little before midnight Thursday House Republicans presented a bill to deal with the Puerto Rico debt crisis. The bill was introduced by Rep. Sean Duffy, Rep. Rob Bishop, who is the chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources and Rep. James Sensenbrenner. Duffy said in a statement that “Years of disastrous policies have completely […]

Puerto Rico Proposes New Plan to Restructure Debt

Puerto Rico is currently struggling to deal with its $70 billion debt. On Monday, the U.S. territory put out a new proposal in order to try and restructure part of their large debt in order to gain them some time to implement a fiscal growth plan as impeding multi-million-dollar payments approach the territory’s dwindling cash […]

Republicans Take Advantage Of Puerto Rico

Finally after months of public outcry the House of Representative are discussing the financial crisis that is going on in Puerto Rico. The House Republican released a draft of their plan to help Puerto Rico fix this fiscal problem. The plan was issues by the House Natural Resource Committee and it’s expected to be tweaked […]

Financial Troubles For Puerto Rico Leads To Dramatic Migration

As the financial crisis continues in Puerto Rico, record breaking numbers of the island’s residents are leaving in order to find better opportunities in the continental United States. Puerto Rico has lost nine percent of its population since 2000. The U.S. Commonwealth’s population accelerated its decline dramatically since 2010, dropping to 3.5 million from 3.8 […]

Puerto Rico Calls for Bankruptcy, Asks Creditors to Postpone Debt Payments

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla asked that his commonwealth be allowed to restructure its $73 billion in public debt under U.S. bankruptcy code, saying the island will soon run out of cash and will likely have an effect on the roughly 5 million people of Puerto Rican descent living in the mainland United States. Puerto Rico […]

What Latino Community?

By Hector Luis Alamo, Jr., Gozamos The Atlantic slave trade stripped many black people of their heritage to the point where they refer to themselves nowadays with the simple label “African American.” Latinos, on the other hand, know exactly where their ancestors came from, down to the city, neighborhood or even their family home. National flags, customs, […]