Monday, June 5, 2023

Puerto Rican Medical Professionals Leaving the Island for the Mainland

Puerto Rican doctors and nurses are increasingly migrating from the island to the mainland U.S. seeking higher salaries and improved reimbursement from insurers. According to the island’s Medical Licensing and Studies board, the number of doctors in Puerto Rico has dropped about 13% with the major losses being in primary care physicians and specialists. “Professionals […]

Guest Blogger: Department of Commerce’s Katina Rojas Joy, Deputy Director, Office of Business Liaison

As Deputy Director in the Office of Business Liaison, my primary goal is to execute the Secretary’s international trade missions. Our office executed an infrastructure trade mission to New Dehli, India, last year, and we are currently planning a transportation and infrastructure trade mission to Colombia, Brazil, and Panama. The President wants to double US […]

Guest Blogger Series: Robert Deposada “La Comay Controversy: Free Speech or Instigating More Hate Crimes?”

Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights we enjoy under our Constitution, and one that we must protect at all costs. However, this right has its limits. For instance, you can’t scream “Fire!” in the middle of a crowded theatre, because of the harm it can cause others around you. And promoting […]

Puerto Ricans Mourn Two of Their Own in Sandy Hook Shooting

As people around the world continue to react to the senseless Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Conn., many reactions showcase grief and outrage, but also something not many feel at a time like this—approval. In Puerto Rico, Gov. Luis Fortuño declared four days of mourning. The mayor of the municipality of Maunabo, Jorge Marquez, lost his six-year-old […]

Puerto Rican Regiment Honored With Their Own Street Name in the Bronx

‘La 65 de Infanteria Boulevard’ is the new name of Southern Boulevard in the Bronx, New York, in honor of the Puerto Rican regiment of the US Army known as “the Borinqueneers,” who are veterans of World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. More than 20,000 Puerto Ricans served as Borinqueneers since […]

U.S. Army’s Latinos Highlighted during Hispanic Heritage Month

José Velázquez joined the U.S. Army in 1990, and is one of many Latinos who were highlighted during the Army’s Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated nationally from September 15 to October 15. The U.S. Army celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month this year with the national theme of “Diversity United, Building American’s Future Today”. Their website […]

President Obama Visits Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans on the island and across the U.S. watched closely as President Obama made a historic trip to Puerto Rico on Tuesday. Obama’s trip marked the first presidential visit to the island in 50 years and was met with hopes that he would address the decade-long issue of whether the island should remain a […]

Obama Campaign will Target Hispanic Voters

A crucial game-winning piece to keeping the White House in 2012, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign says it will focus on the Hispanic voting bloc. “Hispanics could very well decide this election,” an Obama adviser on the campaign said. Campaign organizers say their strategy is to focus on increasing Hispanic voter turnout in battleground states […]

Guest Blogger Series: Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez “Who are Republicans Listening to? Not Latinos”

As featured in the The Huffington Post: In the past two months two prominent Republican leaders hosted national conferences to address what many call the Republican’s Latino “problem.” Former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s group, The Americano, held its first Hispanic Conference in Washington DC in December and just this past week, former Governor Jeb Bush’s first […]

NY Governor-Elect Visits Puerto Rico

New York’s Governor-Elect, Andrew Cuomo, chose Puerto Rico as the site of his first official public appearance since winning office last week.  Cuomo thanked Hispanic leaders for their support which helped propel him to victory over Republican Carl Paladino. The new governor reportedly garnered 80% of the Latino vote. “Thank you for making it possible,” […]