Saturday, April 20, 2024

NY Governor-Elect Visits Puerto Rico

New York’s Governor-Elect, Andrew Cuomo, chose Puerto Rico as the site of his first official public appearance since winning office last week.  Cuomo thanked Hispanic leaders for their support which helped propel him to victory over Republican Carl Paladino.

The new governor reportedly garnered 80% of the Latino vote.

“Thank you for making it possible,” he told an annual gathering of Latino state and federal lawmakers held in the capital city of San Juan.  In his remarks, Cuomo also accused his opponent of using fear to divide voters.  “Their tactic was very simple: divide and conquer,” he said.

Like so many of his colleagues, the new governor is facing a number of challenges when he assumes his position, most related to the economy.   New York faces a $9 billion deficit in the upcoming fiscal year.

Cuomo made a commitment to the group that his administration will have a “diverse talent pool”, and that his first priority will be to put together the best-qualified team possible to tackle the many problems before it. 

Buffalo News