Friday, July 19, 2024

Financial Troubles For Puerto Rico Leads To Dramatic Migration

As the financial crisis continues in Puerto Rico, record breaking numbers of the island’s residents are leaving in order to find better opportunities in the continental United States. Puerto Rico has lost nine percent of its population since 2000. The U.S. Commonwealth’s population accelerated its decline dramatically since 2010, dropping to 3.5 million from 3.8 […]

Clinton Plans Puerto Rico Visit, Supports Debt Re-Structuring For Island

Hillary Clinton is aiming to shore up support in the Puerto Rican community with a campaign stop and fundraiser on a September 4th visit to the debt-strapped island. Clinton will also use the campaign stop as an opportunity to once again highlight her support of allowing the U.S. territory to restructure its debt under Chapter […]

Puerto Rico Calls for Bankruptcy, Asks Creditors to Postpone Debt Payments

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla asked that his commonwealth be allowed to restructure its $73 billion in public debt under U.S. bankruptcy code, saying the island will soon run out of cash and will likely have an effect on the roughly 5 million people of Puerto Rican descent living in the mainland United States. Puerto Rico […]