Sunday, May 19, 2024

Trump Has A New Latino Outreach Director

Ileana Garcia has what arguably could be the toughest mission on the Donald Trump campaign – getting Latinos to warm up to him. Garcia, a Cuban-American from South Florida, said she will be the Trump campaign’s liaison with the Republican National Committee regarding Latinos and outreach efforts targeting the community. Garcia grabbed national headlines due […]

What Is The Next Move For Latino Sanders Supporters

Latinos who were avid supporters and determined workers for Bernie Sanders accepted his endorsement of Hillary Clinton with some disappointment Tuesday, but said the community made gains from his campaign. Arturo Carmona, who oversaw the Sanders campaign’s work with minority communities, called the endorsement a bittersweet moment. Though Carmona and other Sanders supporters are saddened […]

Senator Warren Slams Trump For His Racist Remarks

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has continued with her harsh comments against Donald Trump amongst growing criticism against his comments of a federal judge’s Mexican impartiality. The Massachusetts Democrat called out the presumptive GOP nominee for his claims that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel can’t preside fairly over a case involving Trump University because of the candidate’s […]

Tension Rises In New York Town’s Latino Community Amidst Trump’s Visit

It’s been almost eight years since an Ecuadorean immigrant lost his life due to a hate-crime stabbing. The incident divided the New York town of Patchogue, filling the new Latino community and its longtime Caucasian residents with tension. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump planned an appearance at a GOP fundraiser on Thursday just blocks from […]

Sobremesa – Sen. Leticia Van de Putte on tacos, politics, cultura and the state of Latinos

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco If you want to get to the truth of matters in the Latino community have a conversation over a meal, the traditional sobremesa that follows a feast. It’s where our gente relaxes and speaks frankly. We invited Texas State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte for a wide ranging conversation about old […]

Guest Blogger: Jose Aristimuno “In State of the Union, Obama is Cautious on Immigration Reform”

This week, President Obama urged Congress in his State of the Union address to fix our broken immigration system once and for all. And although the President made the call that Congress needed to act, many have been quick to criticize him for only dedicating a short portion of the speech to talk about immigration […]

Latinos Redefining the American Dream

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco There’s no question that the American Dream isn’t what it used to be – if it ever was what we were told. What’s held true throughout the history of the U. S. is that the elusive dream has been defined by our nation’s newcomers. The American Dream is by default an […]

Guest Blogger: Jose Aristimuno “In 2014, Immigration Reform Must Be A Priority”

For the past year, people from across the country have come to see firsthand how dysfunctional Washington can come to be: Republicans forcing a government shutdown, failure to expand unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, and the their obsession with repealing Obamacare. But despite all of the partisanship that consumes Washington on a daily basis, […]

GOP Leaders Look to Rebrand Their Message in Spanish

Republican leaders are organizing their party and speakers to become more knowledgeable in communication with Latino audiences and are arranging more appearances in Spanish-speaking outlets. “We’ve been absent from the conversation with Hispanic media for so long, anything can set back that progress we’ve made in the last eight months, so we are aggressive, just […]

Report Suggests Citizenship Will Provide Stronger Economic Benefits than Legalization

The White House released a report on Tuesday listing the economic benefits to earned citizenship for the undocumented immigrants in the US, which included an increase of $1.4 trillion in GDP and about 2 million more jobs. The report also details that over a course of 10 years, providing only legal status and not citizenship […]