Sunday, July 21, 2024

Tension Rises In New York Town’s Latino Community Amidst Trump’s Visit


It’s been almost eight years since an Ecuadorean immigrant lost his life due to a hate-crime stabbing. The incident divided the New York town of Patchogue, filling the new Latino community and its longtime Caucasian residents with tension.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump planned an appearance at a GOP fundraiser on Thursday just blocks from where 37-year-old Marcelo Lucero was killed. And while the tension in the community has subsided since the murder, the residents feel as though Trump’s appearance could harm the new found peace in their community has reached.

Trump faced heavy amounts of backlash on first day of his campaign when he stated that illegal immigrants from Mexico were rapists and criminals. He has since then repeatedly promised to build a massive wall along the border. Trump’s visit has ignited protests from Latinos, who fear the billionaire’s tough talk against immigrants could open old wounds and undo the progress that’s been made in the Long Island community.

Joselo Lucero, Marcelo’s brother, says Patchogue is the wrong place for Trump to visit stating, “My community has suffered so much discrimination.” Another resident, Jocelyn Fajardo, said that “If he comes, there might be a toxic environment again. Maybe something bad happens, Trump puts U.S. people against us, Latinos. He divides people.”

The gala on Thursday is to raise funds for Republican candidates. It is being held in a nightclub about 200 yards from the place where Lucero was murdered after being confronted by a gang of teens who admitted they frequently targeted Hispanic immigrants.

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