Friday, May 24, 2024

Latinos Redefining the American Dream

NewsTaco logoBy Victor Landa, NewsTaco

There’s no question that the American Dream isn’t what it used to be – if it ever was what we were told.

What’s held true throughout the history of the U. S. is that the elusive dream has been defined by our nation’s newcomers. The American Dream is by default an immigrant dream, passed from immigrant wave to immigrant wave. Kept alive by the spirit of the newly arrived. It’s among immigrants where the American Dream is the most pure, less cynical. The rest of us, those generations who have had a go at it, aren’t as enthusiastic. Our experience may make us angry, our education may lead us to cynicism.

So we question the American Dream.

Most immigrants don’t. In fact, more and more immigrants believe hey can achieve the dream without becoming U.S. citizens.

But what if the questioning were reversed? What if is wasn’t the Dream that was questioned, but the those who dream it?

That’s the idea behind a new project by the good people at Feet in 2 Worlds.

They’ve published an online survey that questions people’s attitudes about the American Dream.

The results aren’t in … yet. And that’s a good thing because you can take the survey and add your thinking to the mix.

What is your American Dream?

Do you believe you can achieve it?

Take the poll here.

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