Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Republicans Aim to Block Embassy in Cuba

In an effort to block the Obama Administration’s rapprochement policy towards Cuba, Republicans in the House of Representatives on Tuesday proposed a bill funding the State Department for 2016 while blocking necessary funding for the establishment of a formal embassy and other diplomatic infrastructure projects that would lead to further ties with the Communist regime. […]

Comentarios From Maria: John Boehner’s lack of leadership and its disastrous consequences

We’ve seen this movie before, and we know that it does not end well. In 2013, Republicans in Congress demonstrated that they were willing to shut down the government and lead our country to the brink of disaster because the battle over the end of year budget did not sway in their favor.  Now, Republicans […]

House GOP moves closer to lawsuit for executive action on immigration

In a closed-door meeting with Congressional lawmakers Tuesday, House Speaker John Boehner announced that his party is moving closer to a vote to authorize legal action against President Obama over his executive actions on immigration. While a course of action is yet to be finalized, the authorization language would allow the House to take steps […]

Comentarios from Maria: Republicans Play Russian Roulette with our National Security

First, I send my heartfelt condolences to families in Paris after last week’s horrific terrorist attacks. As a nation, we are always reminded of the ever-present and growing threat of terrorism that exists around the world. Taking these resurgent threats into account, it is alarming, shocking and irresponsible that the Republicans in the House of […]

House votes to flout Obama’s immigration action

In what looks to be the start of a tenuous working relationship, the House voted on Wednesday to do away with major provisions of President Obama’s immigration policy. In a 236 to 191 vote with only ten Republicans working against it, the move revoked legal protections for undocumented immigrants once-guaranteed by Obama’s actions, and put […]

Today: President Obama discusses immigration, other issues with Republican Congressional leaders

With a newly minted Republican Congress back to business as usual, President Obama will meet today with its new leaders to discuss immigration reform and other pressing matters. The Congressional changing of the guard is highlighted by this first official sit-down, where finding consensus amid divisive rhetoric and alternating political threats tops today’s agenda. The immigration […]

House Republicans Vote to Block President Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration

Yesterday, House Republicans voted to block the president’s executive actions by passing a bill that stated the president’s actions were “null and void and without legal effect.” President Obama has already indicated that he will veto any bill that would block his executive order without offering a viable legislative alternative to reform our immigration system. […]