Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Today: President Obama discusses immigration, other issues with Republican Congressional leaders

President Obama and Congressional Leaders

With a newly minted Republican Congress back to business as usual, President Obama will meet today with its new leaders to discuss immigration reform and other pressing matters. The Congressional changing of the guard is highlighted by this first official sit-down, where finding consensus amid divisive rhetoric and alternating political threats tops today’s agenda.

The immigration debate is sure to heat up as the President continues to push for reform, but the Administration recognizes that the meeting “doesn’t mean we’re going to agree on everything – certainly we won’t,” according to White House Spokesman Josh Earnest, adding there are a “whole host of things” on which the President and Congress can agree.

With the fundamental priorities of the President and the new Congress differing, it can be difficult to find room for compromise, and good governance. Tax reform, trade promotion and infrastructure development are the key issues about which both parties speak optimistically, but remaining constant are the battles over the Keystone XL pipeline and comprehensive immigration reform.

What is certain is that the American people will not stand for another two years of stagnant governing. “Are we going to allow disagreement over a few things to become a deal-breaker for all the others?” Earnest asked. “The President certainly hopes that it won’t.” Indeed, only time will tell.

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