Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Minority Leader Pelosi Urges Immigration Activist to hold Republicans Accountable for Immigration Delay


This week, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged immigration activists not to lose sight of Republican inaction that has caused immigration reform to stall in congress. Pelosi acknowledged that the current frustration of many Latinos and activists is warranted, albeit misdirected, and Republicans should also be held accountable for their recent role in delaying meaningful and comprehensive reform.

The minority leader said, “I think that the anger is not placed in the right direction, and Republicans get off the hook.” Pelosi continued, “They did nothing and people are picketing the president. I mean, [Republicans] don’t pay a price for that?”

Pelosi has been a longtime advocate for addressing immigration through legislative reform, yet she acknowledged that attempts to craft a bi-partisan immigration bill have been futile thus far because Republicans refuse to act. The minority leader remains confident that President Obama will issue an executive order after the midterm elections, but she underscored the fact that this would only be a temporary fix; acting legislatively is the only way to ensure a permanent solution.

According to Pelosi, Latinos and activists cannot afford to skip the November elections because “the real message that reaches Republicans is at the ballot box.” The leader stressed, “And that’s where they have to feel the impact.”

The Huffington Post