Sunday, May 19, 2024

House Republicans Continue to Weigh Options to Block Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration

Today, House Republicans met to discuss ways in which the party could counter President Obama’s executive order on immigration.  After the meeting, House Speak John Boehner said that he would bring a resolution that would block the president’s executive actions by GOP Rep. Ted Yoho to a vote. Such a vote however is largely seen […]

Comentarios From Maria: Executive Action Necessary

President Obama dubbed 2014 as the year of action in regards to the measures he has taken that will benefit the American people and the actions he will continue to take with or without this Republican Congress, which continues to be the least productive in history. As a Latina who grew up with the American Dream […]

President Obama Vows to Reform Immigration System Through Executive Action

            During a press conference at the White House on Monday, President Obama vowed to fix what he called, a truly “broken immigration system” alone through executive action. The President’s decision to act alone was prompted by a year of Republican inaction on immigration reform, in which House Speaker John […]

Comentarios from Maria: “Boehner’s choice: Tea party or America?”

Speaking to the nation after Congress reached a deal to reopen the government and temporarily raise the debt ceiling, President Barack Obama said we are “Americans first” and need to put partisan interests aside to get things done. But can we? The recent shenanigans do not bode well for the future. The resolution of the […]

New GOP Latino Lawmakers Arrive Amidst Ethics Questions

Two of the newly elected Republican Hispanic lawmakers, Sen.-elect Marco Rubio and Rep-elect David Rivera, both of Florida, start their tenure in Washington with lingering questions about their personal finances. According to a report in the Washington Post, they are two of four Republicans who still have unanswered questions and controversy. Rivera was forced to […]

Immigration Reform Missing from GOP’s “Pledge to America”

Republicans unveiled a 48-page pre-election document styled after 1994’s Contract with America on Thursday with little to no mention of immigration reform. The “Pledge” makes mention of an “out-of-touch” government, yet the document itself hardly touches on one of the most controversial issues being debated by Americans across the country.  The omission of immigration reform […]

Boehner Says Changes to Birthright Citizenship “Worth Considering”

  Citizenship is guaranteed under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution for persons born within the United States.  House Minority Leader John Boehner says he’s open to the idea of changing this.   On Sunday, Boehner added his name to the ranks of GOP leaders who have recently come out in support of changing the […]