Sunday, May 19, 2024

Targeting Fastest-Growing Latino Group, Dominicanos USA Registers 100K New Voters

With increased importance on the Latino vote in elections across the country and in the presidential election next year, one organization, Dominicanos USA, is doing everything it can to ensure the fastest growing segment of that group, Dominican-Americans, have their voices heard, announcing that they have successfully registered more than 100,000 voters in New York […]

Environment a Major Issue For Latinos

Environmental issues are a major concern of Latino voters, more so than immigration. That’s according to new research by the Hispanic-Focused polling firm, Latino Decisions, which worked on the polling data on behalf of GreenLatinos and Earthjustice, two nonprofits in the environmental sector. The new poll found that 85% of Latino respondents view reducing smog, […]

The Growing Political Power of Dominican-Americans in the Northeast

By Adrian D. Pantoja and Manny Matos During the 2012 presidential election, Latino voters were finally recognized as being decisive in shaping national politics. No doubt the 2016 presidential contest will once again provide a national spotlight for Latino political power. Despite the hype surrounding the power of the “Latino vote,” it is important to […]

New Gallup Poll Shows Spike in Obama’s Approval Rating Among Latinos

According to a recent Gallup Poll, President Obama’s approval rating among Latinos has jumped 14 points since his announcement regarding the executive actions he would take to overhaul our nation’s immigration system.  His approval rating now stands at 68 percent, the highest it has been all year. In 2012, the president’s popularity among Latinos skyrocketed […]

President Obama Has Used His Executive Authority Less than Any President in the Last 100 Years

Since President Obama announced his plan to shield at least 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation through executive action, republicans have been quick to accuse the president of abusing his executive authority and overstepping the U.S. Constitution. Yet compared to his predecessors, Obama has used his executive authority less than any other president in the […]

Latino Vote Will Be Critical in Close National Races, According to New Latino Decisions Poll

Despite recent polling that suggests the Latino vote may be inconsequential in determining the outcome of competitive midterm races, a new poll released by Latino Decisions found that the share of the Latino electorate is large enough to play a decisive outcome in at least 6 competitive senate races and 12 gubernatorial contests. Matt Barreto, […]

States Mirror Efforts by One Arizona to Increase Latino Voter Turnout through Early Voting

One Arizona, a non-partisan coalition of organizations seeking to advance the number of registered Latino voters and ensuring the full electoral participation of the Latino community, has spearheaded a strategy that focuses on early voting to increase Latino voter turnout.  The strategy has proven to be one of the most effective ways of increasing voter […]

NCLR and Latino Decisions Say Latino Vote Could Prove Pivotal During November Midterms

During a panel discussion hosted by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) regarding the impact of immigration and the economy on the election, experts from NCLR and the prominent polling firm, Latino Decisions, said Latino voters can have an influential role in a number of highly competitive Senate races if voter turnout is strong […]

Latino Decisions Research Brief: Latino Voters Overwhelmingly Support Environmental Conservation

Latino Decisions, a prominent Latino public-opinion research firm, released a new research brief which concluded that Latinos are not only concerned about climate change and conservation but overwhelmingly in favor of public policy that will ensure sustainable environmental protections. Latino voters are particularly invested in supporting policy that will improve water quality and curb air […]

Comentarios from Maria: For Latinos, Climate Change is a Priority

In recent years, Latinos have seen firsthand how climate change and natural disasters have intensified across the world. The Latino community, being one of the demographic groups most affected by climate change, is very concerned about how this affects us and future generations. That’s why my work with Voces Verdes, a national organization of Latino […]