Sunday, April 21, 2024

New Gallup Poll Shows Spike in Obama’s Approval Rating Among Latinos


According to a recent Gallup Poll, President Obama’s approval rating among Latinos has jumped 14 points since his announcement regarding the executive actions he would take to overhaul our nation’s immigration system.  His approval rating now stands at 68 percent, the highest it has been all year.

In 2012, the president’s popularity among Latinos skyrocketed after the announcement of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Although this was considered a monumental victory by immigration activists and Latinos, the president’s popularity slipped this summer after he decided to delay further action on immigration until after the November midterms.  As a result of his recent announcement, many believe it was an important step towards mending relations with the Latino community, which was a crucial part of the electorate that helped President Obama win his re-election bid.

The findings of this recent Gallup poll are consistent with a poll conducted by Latino Decisions last month. 9 in 10 Latinos support the president’s actions in the face of congressional inaction. A separate survey done by Hart Research Associates also found considerable support for the substance of Obama’s plan. 68% of voters surveyed said they agreed and supported the president’s plan.

President Obama recognizes that this issue is deeply personal to many Latino voters and has repeatedly vowed to fix our broken immigration system.  Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, echoed this sentiment as he defended the president’s action before Congress and said, “The president views these actions as a first step toward the reform of or immigration system and he continues to count on Congress for the more comprehensive reform that only legislative changes can provide.”

Fox News Latino