Sunday, March 3, 2024

Environment a Major Issue For Latinos

Latino Climate

Environmental issues are a major concern of Latino voters, more so than immigration. That’s according to new research by the Hispanic-Focused polling firm, Latino Decisions, which worked on the polling data on behalf of GreenLatinos and Earthjustice, two nonprofits in the environmental sector. The new poll found that 85% of Latino respondents view reducing smog, air and water pollution as extremely or very important, compared with 80% of respondents who feel the same way about comprehensive immigration reform.

“A lot of Latino households in the United States are in locations that are adversely affected by particulate pollution, by poor water quality,” said Gary Segura, co-founder of Latino Decisions. “So quality of life, direct exposure to environmental hazards is quite common among the Latino population; we shouldn’t be surprised they’re concerned about it.”

In light of the work done by Latino Decisions and previous research by Stanford University, the New York Times and the non-profit Resources for the Future, these findings could have broader implications for candidates hoping to hone in on the Latino vote. Additionally, with data that shows 66% of Latinos view climate change as a man-made issue, Democrats should be well positioned to ensure Latinos remain in the blue column come Election Day 2016.

“I think that to the extent that the Democrats are seen as the party that embraces a more pro-environmental position, that will advantage Democratic candidates,” Segura said. And surely, after the tumultuous start the GOP has had in courting Latino voters, an environmental candidate looks to win big with the Latino electorate.