Wednesday, July 24, 2024

President Obama Has Used His Executive Authority Less than Any President in the Last 100 Years

Since President Obama announced his plan to shield at least 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation through executive action, republicans have been quick to accuse the president of abusing his executive authority and overstepping the U.S. Constitution. Yet compared to his predecessors, Obama has used his executive authority less than any other president in the […]

President Obama Announces Sweeping Immigration Overhaul Through Executive Action

Last night, President Obama unveiled the highly anticipated executive actions he will enact in order to establish an immigration system that is “more fair and more just.”  The steps he will take to keep families together and protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation were the centerpiece of his Thursday night address. Obama […]

Today: President Obama Will Announce Executive Action on Immigration

Today, President Obama is set to unveil what executive actions he will enact in order to address immigration. The announcement came yesterday by way of a video posted on Facebook where the president invited viewers to tune into his Thursday evening address where he will outline what steps he will take to begin fixing our […]

President Obama Reiterates Intent to Use Executive Authority to Act on Immigration

During a White House press conference on Thursday, President Obama reiterated his intent to issue a series of executive actions on immigration. While the president did not provide any specific details about potential action he would take, he noted that congressional inaction would not stop him from exploring the broad range of possible options on the […]

Report Cites Considerable Precedent for President to Act on Immigration Reform Through Executive Action

          American Bridge, a democratic research firm released a memo this week that revealed there is considerable precedent for the president to use his executive authority to address immigration policy. Republicans in Congress have criticized the president heavily for his allegedly reckless use of executive authority, yet the report debunks these […]