Tuesday, July 16, 2024

President Obama Reiterates Intent to Use Executive Authority to Act on Immigration


During a White House press conference on Thursday, President Obama reiterated his intent to issue a series of executive actions on immigration. While the president did not provide any specific details about potential action he would take, he noted that congressional inaction would not stop him from exploring the broad range of possible options on the table.

Throughout the press conference, President Obama underscored his hope that Congress would act on immigration prior to the midterm elections but stated that, “it has not stopped the process of looking more broadly about how do we get a smart immigration system in place while we’re waiting for Congress to act.”

Some Democratic lawmakers running in competitive re-election campaigns have expressed concern that the president’s use of  executive action on immigration could jeopardize their chances of winning. Yet sources involved in White House discussions on immigration said that any action taken would address Democratic concerns. Furthermore the White House is currently preparing an air-tight legal case for the president to use his executive authority to issue executive orders on immigration.

“It continues to be my belief that, if I can’t see the congressional action, that I need to do at least what I can in order to make the system work better,” President Obama continued,” some of these things do affect timelines and we’re just going to be working through as systematically as possible in order to get this done.”