Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Latino Vote Will Be Critical in Close National Races, According to New Latino Decisions Poll

English-Spanish Signs Front Election Center In Texas

Despite recent polling that suggests the Latino vote may be inconsequential in determining the outcome of competitive midterm races, a new poll released by Latino Decisions found that the share of the Latino electorate is large enough to play a decisive outcome in at least 6 competitive senate races and 12 gubernatorial contests.

Matt Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions rebuffed the notion that the Latino vote would not carry much weight during this election and noted that this is in fact a misconception about the actual clout of  eligible Latino voters. “We think even in states where Latinos are only 4 percent of the electorate that they can be critical one way or the other. If the turnout is high, that can help Democrats. And unenthusiastic it can help Republicans squeeze out some victories.”

After analyzing 18 statewide races and polling 600 Latino voters, the survey found that the eligible Latino voting population is larger than the polling margin of error in many swing states such as Colorado, Georgia, and North Carolina. The poll also found that immigration topped the list among Latino voter priorities at 51 percent. Furthermore, 59 percent of Latinos still favor Democrats over Republicans for Congress, despite frustration over the president’s decision to delay action on immigration until after the election.

Despite the considerable disappointment among Latinos regarding the president’s decision to delay action on immigration, executive director of America’s Voice, Frank Sherry, noted that the 2016 election landscape will be much more favorable to Latino voters and their priorities. He is hopeful that we will see candidates that are prepared to enact immigration reform that benefits that Latino and immigrant community.

Houston Chronicle