Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Latino Media Fears being left out of the Obama campaign.

New polls show that Barack Obama has made inroads in the Hispanic community (see above) despite complaints from Hispanic media who is feeling left out of the Obama campaign….

The burst of anger on the Barack Obama campaign’s recent news media call was unexpected, but it should not have been a surprise.For weeks, members of the Spanish-language media had been blogging, writing and outright complaining that the presidential campaigns have not been paying attention to them.The Hispanic media’s irritation with the candidates has been building for some time. Last month, a columnist for La Opinion, a major Spanish-language newspaper, complained about being dissed

.“Usually, to do the job, reporters need a constant and accessible contact person in the campaign,” wrote columnist Pilar Marrero. “In Obama’s case, this has been virtually impossible: There is not — nor has there ever been — regular communication with the Hispanic press. One wonders what might happen in the general election campaign, and then in an eventual Democratic presidency, if indeed they win in November.”

Latina Lista blogger Marisa Trevino wrote last week that Clinton’s campaign “knew how to make us feel cool, and once you experience what everyone else has always had, you don’t want to go back. … As it stands now, we don’t even know if the Obama campaign wants Latino bloggers’ support.”
What they wanted were assurances that they would not always have to sit at the back of the media bus

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