Thursday, April 18, 2024

McCain's Latino Problem

Columnist argues that McCain’s association with the Bush administration and his stance on economic issues is alienating Latinos and pushing them towards Barack Obama…

For months now, polls have shown that Latinos are favoring Barack Obama over McCain by margins of 2-1 or better. Latinos, who largely favored Hillary Clinton during the primaries, have apparently had little difficulty switching loyalties now that Obama has sealed the nomination.

McCain is saddled with his association with President Bush, and while that might have been a plus in the past — Bush’s conservative social agenda attracted Latinos at historic levels in 2004 — the national economy, and particularly the state of jobs and housing, will make it hard for McCain to win those Latino votes.

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  1. Louie Garcia says

    Yeah, McCain has a Latino problem: he wants to keep using us as cannon fodder in the GOP’s war for oil.