Friday, July 19, 2024

Sarah Palin's Latino Appeal ?

John McCain believes Sarah Palin will appeal to Latinos. However, her lack of record on important issues such as immigration should not go unnoticed….

In an interview over the weekend with Univision, John McCain explained why he believes Sarah Palin will appeal to Latinos:

“You know, one of the things that Hispanics, in my view, are strongest on are family, family, la familia, and this is a great example,” McCain said. “From an oldest son who is about to go to war, to a youngest baby who is so, so perfect and so exceptional with Down syndrome. So, I think you would find that Hispanic people will warm to her and love her the way that other people have known her, again, as the most popular governor in America.”

It is true that Sarah Palin may appeal to some sectors of the diverse Latino population because of her family values, and Pro-Life stance. However, one can only wonder where she stands on issues that are of special significance this election, such as immigration. Most can agree that the current Republican administration has done a less than stellar job in terms of addressing the immigration issue. The recent headlines of raids conducted by Immigrations Customs Enforcements (ICE) are a prime example of this. Unfortunately very little is known about where Sarah Palin stands on this issue. Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund, said his group was working to discern Palin’s views on immigration.” I do not know. That’s one of the issues we are trying to figure out,” he said. When former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin was asked about Palin’s position on immigration at a GOP news conference last week, Marin referred to presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain instead.” I think that one of the things we will see (is) that … we know exactly where John McCain is,” Marin said.

It is no surprise that John McCain would like Latinos to support him and Sarah Palin based on the fact that she is relatable. It would be difficult for him to cite any examples of Sarah Palin engaging with the Latino community. It is also not surprising she has no record on immigration considering there is little record of her on many other pertinent issues. What we do know is that John McCain has abandoned his previous pro-immigration stance and has even said that he would not support immigration bills such as the one he authored along with Senator Ted Kennedy in the past that provided a path to legalization. In the coming weeks the country will learn more about Sarah Palin positions, but it is safe to assume she will adopt her party’s views on this issue. It is clear that her party is ready to continue to pursue extreme measures against immigrants and that John McCain will continue to attempt to avoid the issue as much as possible. At the same time he will continue to court the Latino vote citing the same previous immigration record he now denounces.

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  1. Choosing Sarah Palin is a very desperate move by the Republican Party, so desperate tactics are to be expected. They know that their presidential nominee is boring, old and has no economic experience, so to compete with Obama and his nominee they bring in Palin… Now these shows how the Republican Party is manipulating the media and are desperate. They also have showed this by accusing the Democrats of attacking Palin blindly and by claiming that Palin will give them more Hispanic votes. I don’t understand why people give this woman so much importance when she is only the Vice President, maybe because John is old and might die any day now??? Well I don’t believe a word that the Republicans say in regards to Immigration as they change their mind about it when convenient.