Thursday, June 20, 2024

John McCain: A Friend to the Hispanic Community

By: Raul “Danny” Vargas, National Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly

Our nation is in the midst of a financial crisis, we are fighting two wars, there are groups plotting new terrorist attacks, and we face serious challenges domestically. At this critical moment in our history we need a President with experience who has demonstrated the ability to lead in times of crisis. Our best choice is clearly Senator John McCain.

A true American hero, John McCain entered the Naval Academy at 17 and has been serving his country ever since. A Vietnam War veteran who served five and a half years as a prisoner of war, refusing early release out of respect for those who served longer as POW’s. He was beaten and tortured and his body was broken—but his spirit never was.

Over the last 25 years in the Congress and the Senate John McCain has always put the best interests of the country first. He was reached across the isle to work with Democratic leaders to push bi-partisan reforms. He has led the fight to pass immigration reform, campaign finance reform, control wasteful government spending and even the normalization of relations with Vietnam—that shows real character and leadership. He has had the courage to stand up to his own Party and his own President when necessary. He led the efforts to change the strategy in Iraq and as a result violence is down significantly and we can now look to remove our combat forces with dignity and victory.

John McCain is a friend to the Hispanic community. He was born in the Republic of Panama into a military family. He typically wins over 70% of the Hispanic vote in his border state of Arizona. Hispanics have been among his closest friends and advisors throughout his career and it was John McCain who said in the primaries that Hispanics in the U.S. are children of God and should be respected. He shares our values, cares about our families and will make sure we have a strong future.


He has traveled to Latin America on several occasions including investing the time to visit Colombia and Mexico during this presidential campaign. He fully supports the passage of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, knowing this is in our economic and security best interests and vital from a geo-political perspective. Colombia has been one of our staunchest friends and allies in the region and has made phenomenal progress in human rights and safety of labor leaders. He supports the passage of free trade with Panama as well. He understands that free and fair trade are important tools to help stimulate economic growth and when combined other assistance programs (education, health, democratic reform, etc.) the U.S. has the ability to provide real support to our friends in Latin America.

As President, he will ensure we grow our economy, keep our taxes low, control wasteful government spending, and help those impacted by the current crisis. He will maintain a strong national defense. His background and strength are known around the world and those who intend to do us harm will not want to test the courage and resolve of this American hero. He has a proven record of implementing reforms, not just talking about them.

For the office of President of the United States, the most important and powerful job on the planet, John McCain has the character, credibility and capability to lead us now and into the future.

Raul “Danny” Vargas is a self-made success story, in spite of growing up poor in the inner city, he worked hard and became a prominent business leader. He is the founder and president of VARCom Solutions, a marketing and communications consultancy firm. Previously he served as AOL’s Vice President for Latin America, where he led the company’s business activities in the region. A life long Republican, Danny is a member of the RNC Chairman Mike Duncan’s Hispanic advisory board, a role he also held under former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

We would like to thank Mr.Vargas for his participation in his guest blogger series and for sharing his opinions with our readers. We congratulate him for serving as an example of Latino leadership that is sure to inspire the next generation of Latinos.


  1. Alejandro Rodriguez says

    Thanks for posting this entry. I have to tell you that I am very disappointed in Sen. McCain’s campaign. I am a democrat, but have always had the utmost respect for the senator. This respect was slowly whittled away as the convention came around, after his sub par pick for the vice president (his first act as a “president”). I had considered voting for him, and I hope that he does the right thing in the next few days and distance himself from teh Bush/Rove-style fearmongering.

  2. Robert Xavier Chavez says

    John McCain is not the problem, its the Conservative Wing (Majority) of the GOP!

  3. Tony Concepcion says

    Como Policia Militar, Especialista en Correctionales , Instructor en Anti-Terrorismo, Veterano de Guerra y ya retirado de la Marina de guerra de los Estados Unidos, me preocupa el hecho de que Mr. Obama pueda ser elegido como presidente de los Estados Unidos ya que este senor y su team no creo tengan la capacidad para prevenir un nuevo ataque lleno de terror en nuestra gran nacion. Ojala y no tengamos que lamentarnos al ver nuestra Aguila llorar de nuevo como lo hizo el pasado once de Septiembre del ano 2001. Es bueno recordar y (hago un recalco en esto) ya que el senor Obama afirmo que el se sentaria en la mesa de negosiaciones ” sin pre-condicion” alguna para discutir temas que solo a son importantes para USA . temas como es la proteccion de nuestra seguridad nacional. Senores recordemos que tan solo por respeto a miles de vidad perdidas que dejo el ataque del 11 de septiembre del ano 2001 y en honor a nuestros heroes que luchan dia a dia por mantener segura las vidas de millones de ciudadanos “por nombrar solo dos razones legitimadas por los hechos ocuuridos” es que debemos mantener la consigna de que Estados Unidos de Norte-America no se sienta a hablar con Terroristas. Megustaria citar unas frases que recivi en mi email personal de parte de un amigo. IF YOU DON’T STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS, PLEASE, FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM!

  4. Great video, too bad we don’t get to see this great video on Spanish TV when I am watching my novelas. It would certainly open the door to speak to the comadres and compadres as to the opportunities that the McCain/Palin ticket offers us. We are not interested in the hand outs of the Demotratic Party because as my God Says “that no man can say they may be rich”. I rather give the glory to God and to the country that afforded me the opportunity to succeed.

    Keep up the good work.

    Felipe Alvarez
    Small Business Owner.

  5. C. Trujillo says

    Thank you for your informative article. I’ll be voting for Sen. McCain because he cares about family values and I feel he has the best experience and record to face the tough challenges that lie ahead. Obama is not a democrat he is a socialist/marxist. His proposal for change will not help our communities. I hope that articles like yours inform our voters. If Obama is elected and is able to implement his plans all we’ll have to fall back on is hope. Vote McCAIN / PALIN 2008

  6. Gerardo Garcia says

    John McCain is truly a friend to the Hispanics, because he shares our same values.

    We as Hispanics, being Christians, we understand how critical is to have someone that supports family values, specially the right of the unborn to live.

    Our faith plays a very important role in our lives, and Senator McCain and his Cindy, through his life have been an example of not just talk the talk but actually walk by walk by the immense charitable work they have done in Countries need like India.

    They found a little girl in India, and they adopted her and have given her a great opportunity in this Country.

    Family is extremely important for us, and Senator McCain has always been supportive of our Hispanic Families through his Military and Political Career.

    As a Hispanic, I don’t want people to give me handouts, I want a person that provides a government that will defend my liberties and will provide the necessary things to not obstruct my goals.

    I am tired of politicians with populism ideas, thinking that we are ignorants and that we are looking to vote for the person who is willing to give us more in social programs….. NO!!!! I DON’T WANT THAT. JUST GIVE ME A GOVERNMENT THAT DON’T STEAL MY TAXES, PROVIDE BASIC SERVICES AND ABOVE EVERYTHING PROVIDE A FRIENDLY BUSINESS ATMOSPHERE FOR OUR SMALL HISPANICS BUSINESSES.



    Gerardo the software Developer and small business owner!!!


  7. Justina Gonzalez-Marti says

    I fully agree that McCain is a wonderful friend of Hispanic based on this actions and words. Although as a Puerto Rican I am an American citizens my heart feels for those who for valid reasons have been living here and contributing, not committing crimes. For this reason I am so proud and grateful to Senator McCain as well as Sen. Mel Martínez for supporting President Bush in the inmigration bill. Simply because McCain is an exemplary man of compassion and genuine compassion.
    Another reason that I support him is because he has not betrayed President Bush like other did so secure their political positions. In addition, he is, definitely, a man of integrity,
    great character, truthfulness. He demonstrated all these with his morals standings in all issues. Further, he is a true patriot, a proven hero and citizen.
    I strongly feel that he is good for Hispanics because he shares our essential vallues: respect for life, equity for all, respect to all no matter what language, race or socio-economic status.
    His family is a living example of his values and morals.
    To top it up he is experienced, wise, strong but not arrogant at all. What a gift from God we have on this great American!
    God bless America and grant Sen. McCain victory on November 4th 2008.
    Justina González-Marti
    1023 Rivecon Ave.
    Orlando, Florida

  8. Harold Avelar says

    I’m not writing so we can all nod collectively agreeing on what we are convinced about already.

    Nope. Hard medicine.

    Clearly, many Republicans and Independents will be voting Obama this Tuesday. Not because of the political rhetoric that has greatly influenced the thinking of Tony, Felipe and Gerardo, rather most voters are being honest with their souls: the GOP has made a historic mess of the country locally, nationally and globally (apparently in just about every category).

    Certainly the rhetoric is that the Republican Party shares Hispanic core values. Indeed. But the GOP has been incapable of capturing the Latino vote beyond the catchy sound bits my fellow hispanos above propagate. Rolling your Rs and dusting off your collage 101 Spanish at political rallies seeking Hispanic votes is not enough. Thus far, the GOP “commonness” with Hispanics has not gone beyond verbal blah, blah, blah.

    However, give credit to the great communicator Ronald Reagan. He signed the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration amnesty act in 1986. Of course, today Reagan would be labeled un-American by the usual GOP charmers like hyphenated German-American Sensenbrenner and Italian-American Tom Tancredo, (who in turn are flanked by lovable Dobbs and O’Reiley on cable TV). That’s as far as the GOP love has gone. Nada mas.

    With 8 years of the Republican Party in power, I don’t know how those who will vote for McCain/Palin (they must be robots programmed to do so) and justify calling Obama a socialist. That’s just coo-coo. We—the taxpayer—are being bilked for $700 billion (not including interest here) because, apparently, the GOP mind says that government intervention is bad. Long live laissez-faire, right? Now we have invited a huge government intervention…can’t get any redder than THAT. Taxpayer have become distant owners of a near “nationalization” of some of Wall Street’s biggest names.

    No foolin’. In a classic Orwellian double-speak, the Democrats are the Socialists, GOP pundits say. (the other day on cable TV a clown was trying to pin the seed of the economic meltdown on the Clinton years. OK, fine, but… you mean for 2,920 days the GOP stood with its arms crossed?! Best keep the mouth shut on that one.)

    The Bush administration and his hard-ass liners have reaped the fruit of an 8 year chutzpah, morally—possibly legally—devoid actions mixed with colossal ineptitude (no, it’s not “nucular”, its “nuclear”, for crying out loud! It is Al-Qaeda/Bin Ladden, not Saddam Hussein/Iraq; it is the Constitution, not Guantanamo).

    I can only imagine the huge buzzing sound radiating from Washington DC now as shredder machines go in overtime.

    Now the GOP is sweating bullets hugely worried of the very real probability of losing the White House and granting the Democrats their long-coveted dream of a super majority in Congress. With an Obama White House the long-awaited reshaping the Supreme Court with conservative (pro-life) judges goes adios, bye-bye, see ya, since 2 at the the zenith bench are deemed to retire in the next few years and will need to be replaced.

    McCain is a good man forced to act against his DNA. He paid dearly with the Party when he joined Kennedy to get an immigration reform—the then-“hot button” issue among Hispanics before the Real Estate/Wall Street meltdown. Sure, I understand. Politics is politics, and the “Maverick” had to seriously modify his nature to accommodate the dusty mummies of the Party. But simply he is running at the wrong time with the wrong VP candidate and against history. And… Ay dios mio!: Palin. Palin is a quirky gal that has galvanized the “real American” support. But despite what it is said about Obama, she would be a Bush-hollow brain clone. A-ya-yai, mama mia! Never mind $150K for “elite” designer cloth. She has proven and confirmed in her rambling interviews she knows little beyond the State of Icebergia.

    So, it is in this damming scenario that the GOP finds itself. Now before your body liquids boil and faces turn the color of the Democrats, I am simply saying it how it is. No spin. The worries noted above can easily be found in the conservative media and also been voiced publicly by the noisier RED hard-liners. But the testament here is that voters see the GOP as having badly flunked in their job, like the Wall Street tycoons we are now forced to babysit. Traditional RED states seem to be turning BLUE, dashing hopes for John McCain and the party he represents. Simply, people want to castigate the GOP. It’s a package deal: A vote for McCain (great a man that he is) equals rewarding those who have crippled the country in the most un-American way possible in a way that no nut-terrorist could have dreamed.

    Indeed. Gen. Collin Powell warned about this ahead of time. He was dismissed. Pay back time. And unlike Wall Street, History is correcting itself.

  9. Daniel Martinez says

    Once upon a time, McCain was a man worthy of respect and honor. Worthy of the term “maverick”. That was once upon a time. In his efforts to appeal to the GOP base during this election he gave up many of his precious principles…those principles that separated him from other Republicans and gave rise to the term “maverick”. He further eroded his own principles when he chose (or she was chosen for him) Palin as his running mate.

    I have so many issues with the GOP platform and their conservative principles, especially those espoused by the Right wing Christians. But I did, at one time, admire John McCain….one of the few Republicans I felt that way about. Appealing to the GOP base was bad enough, but when he made Palin the Veep candidate, I lost what little respect for him I had left. I do believe this selection was forced on him because the GOP base did not, and still does not, like him all that much. But Palin? This choice is beyond stupid. It is dangerous.

    We don’t need a woman who is so far right wing one heartbeat away from the White House. Someone who, when unscripted, says the most inane, crazy things, and who can barely speak in a cogent, well-thought out sentence. We will be the laughingstock of the world should the unthinkable happens…the McCain/Palin ticket wins. It’s hard to believe a potential new administration might be worse the foul, shameful legacy left by Bush and his gang. But a McCain/Palin ticket could negatively “surpass” a bar set even that low.

    This we do not need. And as a Latino, I know that no matter what Republicans do and say to get the Latino vote, they truly do not care about us. They are NOT the party of inclusion. The Democrats. One need only to have watched both conventions this year to know that. 44% of the Dems delegates were of other ethnicities beside White Anglos. Only 3% of Republican delegates were of ethnic minorities. You do the math…no thanks! I’ll stick with the Democrats!!

  10. Harold Avelar says


    La lógica de tu amigo es la misma que nos ha llevado al desastre que ahora conocemos en Irak. El hecho de que se cuestiona la razón del porqué invadimos militarmente en el Medio Oriente, no quiere decir que le quita el patriotismo a nadie. El gran militar, el General Collin Powell, ya tomo ese tema y ha dejado eso de adueñar el patriotismo en algo ridiculo.

    Al contrario, nadie—dije “nadie”—adueña el patriotismo estadounidense. O al contrario, todos dueñamos el patriotismo.

    Pero al fin de cuentas, nadie está cuestionando las acciones de los militares en Irak. Están allá por razón de los errores del Comandante Mayor, el presidente Bush. Sin duda, los duros, –los llamados halcones de la Casa Blanca–siempre han tratado de confundir la crítica hacia Bush y juntarla con eso de ser desleal a nuestras tropas. Es un escudo falso.

    Aparentemente tú así como tu amigo han caído en esa propaganda.

    Ahora, déjame decirte que Obama—a quien le daré mi voto (pese a que he votado republicano en el pasado)—, parece ser mucho mejor para el trabajo que Bush ha hecho pero del cual aparentemente estas de acuerdo. Sin duda, el código bushido no ha trabajado en este arte marcial y que tú y tu amigo tenga el descaro de decir que Obama no sería capaz es intelectualmente increíble.

    McCain es muy capaz pero no es su turno en la historia. El país no lo aceptara pese a que él es un buen hombre. El Gran Partido se dio un auto tiro en la madre.

  11. In Chicago in 1984, I was involved with running then and there the Reagan-Bush ’84 Ethnic Voters Division; I myself scored so many “silver” and “gold” certificates for goals/voters secured we laughed that I was the wallpaper man; I worked with Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, African-Americans, Caucasians of every stripe, and every type of Hispanic there is…in those days, we came together on issues important across-the-board and didn’t have political parties that basically presented “it’s down to us or them” whoever the “us” or “them” might be in any way(s) or by any “-ism”s…that year, even in predominantly Democrat Illinois, Reagan won by a landslide and we took six contiguous wards of the City of Chicago as REPUBLICAN.

    Times appear to have changed drastically. As a “Teddy Roosevelt” Republican and “William Frank Buckley, Jr” Conservative, I am appalled the McCain campaign has allowed itself to be portrayed in media and otherwise as some sort of “whites-only” club; at the same time, Obama’s campaign has focused almost exclusively on Latinos as the only “non-intellectual-rhetoric-based” ethnic group they see in America, as if to say it’s them versus everyone else.

    Our officials in both parties, and at all State/Local/Federal levels, seem to imply it’s Latinos to be given government-owned housing and close social rights/liberties monitoring versus everybody else “clinging” to “old ways of equity”, and that if Obama wins thusly so do Latinos who “deeply desire to expand their ways in the USA and by Christian compassion we must urge them to step up to houses they did not build, fields they did not plow”, on further ruse “multi-racial old Christians and Jews provoke Muslims abroad with such views of equity/freedom/trade, and are hypocritical to boot for not obeying REAL Bible citations only government faith-funded preachers can see and favor Latinos”.

    The problem is, that’s not what the manifest majority of religious, Caucasians, Hindus, Latinos, and African-Americans, and others see from campaign ads and calls…which again just imply it’s whites versus everyone else in a last-man-standing, winner take all battle for what the “bailout” leaves for the everyday people…want to do better, fight between yourselves and please don’t notice what government marches on with despite it all. For the McCain camp to so easily play to that, and for PFAWs and such to say it’s thus “okay” for ACORN and others to let ANY Latino vote in a “Christian civil war” of some kind trumping all law, is a great dis-service to ALL people of ALL origins, considering what we’re to “win” as a result.

    For the record, most Latinos aren’t even eating up such palaver, nor are many others…we hear Obama say “CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!”, we hear McCain as saying “aw heck, let ’em have it, I’ll help in the Senate and have run to block Bushies from running to HELP change”, and when Obama or McCain is President, despite what media and officials might prefer to insist we “really” mean we’re going to have the same common interests we did before and approve/disapprove of legislation as we did before…most of us regardless of religion could at least agree with Christ in John 15:17, where He tells God not to remove from this world those who would not listen to or be like Him, just to protect them from the evil one.

  12. I am totally amazed and shocked on how people I know and I thought where intelligent people have been allowed to be brainwashed by Obama….Do they not realize this man has way too many associations with terroist ? Or how he will not produce his birth certificate? He will be the worst thing to happen to the USA. We have freedom NOW but he wants a Socialist Country. I hope people wake up and smell the coffee and vote for John McCain. He is a true American and one we can all be proud of to have in the White House..

    And on another note I want to thank Colin Powell for showing the world how alive racism is in this world. He didnt side with Obama because he believes he is better for us he sided with him because he is black..

    McCain-Palin 2008!!! WE NEED YOU

  13. Harold Avelar says

    [CORRECTION to comment # 12. Moderator, please delete comment #12]:

    Boy Vanessa. Maybe you need to look in the mirror and pop those zits.

    Sure there is a controversy about Barak’s B-Certificate. He should come clean with it. But really, what will we learn? That he is Black, Mexican or worst of all, an Arab? “No ma’am, he is a good decent American” [I just took your microphone away].

    “He wants a Socialist Country”… er no ma’am. Read comment #8.

    Your argument is dull without basis. It’s the same comment made by the former drug addict and “louder makes right” Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh claimed on his radio show that the well respected General Collin Powell (who was once coaxed by leading Republicans to run for the presidency in 2000, remember?) was backing because Barak was black and clearly racial.

    Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball questioned: Does Rush back McCain because he is also white?

    So, if fellow Republicans don’t think like Vanessa, well, there must be something wrong with her world…

    Have fun Wednesday morning

  14. If McCain is not elected in Nevada it will be because of Voter fraud. McCain is an outstanding American. However, when you have a person in Clark County running under the name of Tom Collins the drink and it is on the ballot as Tom Collins how can a person win? Tom’s real name is Clarence and it should be listed as Clarence “Tom” Collins. However, Clarence is in violation of the Nevada Revised Statues and it would seem that the Registrar of Voters is corrupt. Clarence is trying to hide no less than four sealed records you can find them by going to You can go to the Clark County Web Site (Assessor) and put it in and the property on San Miguel he owns as Clarence will show up. No he has never legally changed his name. How does this impact the Presidential Election. If the Democrats will go to this exent to fix a local election – what extent will they go for the President? Collins votes should not be counted and people need to demand this happen and make waves otherwise the election could be lost already. The registrar of voters is out to lunch. How many people have voted illegally in Clark County, Nevada?

  15. Mercedes T. Toohey says

    Unidos Venceremos!!!!!!!

    It is time that we as Hispanos look closely at the issues and vote for the candidate who has worked for us. Let us not be blinded by promises, Lip Service looks great, but it does not help us Hispanos reach our goals.
    While Immigration is not an issue for all of us, it is for the greatest majority of us. Senator McCain crossed party lines to come up with the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill. Senator McCain was not afraid to express his thoughts in his acceptance speech when he said America must give the same tratment given to the first person who stepped from the Mayflower to the little latino girl from the southern border.
    Let us encourage to vote , against legal abortion, a better health care, strong military, and fair government, let us vote for our war hero Senator John McCain