Sunday, July 21, 2024

Massachusetts Voters Elect State's First Latino Mayor


Voters in Lawrence, Massachusetts elected the state’s first Latino mayor. State Representative William Lantigua successfully captured 53 percent of the vote – beating his opponent City Councilmember David C. Abdoo.

Lawrence, which calls itself “Immigrant City,” was abuzz with excitement as the election results came in. Hundreds were gathered at city hall, chanting “Si se pudo,” or “Yes we did.”

The Dominican-born Lantigua will replace Mayor Michael J. Sullivan, who’s term limit had expired.

No Massachusetts city had ever elected a Latino mayor, until now. Marcos Devers, also Dominican-born, was appointed mayor of Lawrence after Patricia Dowling resigned, but he was bested by Sullivan in 2005.

As Lantigua spoke to supporters at city hall, many present were dancing and others crying at the momentous occasion.

The Boston Globe


  1. Carla Reyes says

    Wow, very proud of my home city! Go Lawrence! Si tu puedes!!

  2. Felicidades!!!! Time for a real representative of the people. Ya tu sabes…