Sunday, July 21, 2024

White House to Hold Job Summit Focused on Job Creation: Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis Delivers Opening Remarks

Today, the White House will host a forum on jobs and economic growth in an effort to grow the economy and help alleviate the record 10.2% unemployment rate. Opening remarks are expected from Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.

The President and his economic team will meet with leading CEOs, small business owners, labor and nonprofit leaders to discuss ideas that will put Americans back to work.

Following the briefing, the economic team will divide up and lead several group discussions on Green jobs, small business job growth and job opportunities for Americans through exports.  The discussions are available for viewing on the White House website.

Critics have said that the jobs summit is merely a public relations tactic by the Obama administration. Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser for Obama said, “there is no more important priority for the American economy than jobs. Increasing employment is everyone’s responsibility from government to businesses to households”.

The president’s public approval ratings have dropped as joblessness has increased over the past year. This has worried members of the Democratic Party who face congressional elections next year. Republicans argue his economic recovery polices have failed to deliver.

Critics also say that the economic stimulus package does not focus on jobs and minority communities. No major announcements are expected.  In a related issue, yesterday, members of the Congressional Black Caucus boycotted a Committee vote in the House on a key component of the regulatory overhaul legislation.  The members want to see more assistance for minority owned businesses and more done to address the minority unemployment rate.

On Friday, Obama will visit Allentown, Pennsylvania, the first stop on a “White House to Main Street” jobs tours.

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  1. Glad our president is doing something about the crisis.