Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Newt Gingrich Launches Spanish Language Online Magazine

Newt Gingrich’s namesake corporation, Gingrich Communications, has launched a new Spanish language publication, The Americano.  The online magazine, whose conservative principles are largely in line with the political ideologies of Gingrich, is edited by Sylvia Garcia, who also serves as his Hispanic Outreach Director.

The Americano features stories in both English and Spanish on topics ranging from healthcare to more traditionally conservative concerns like same-sex marriage, religion, and government spending.  While The Americano does engage some domestic Latino issues, it focuses on US relations with Latin America with an unmistakably right-wing editorial tone; for example, it praises the Obama administration’s recognition of the legitimacy of the recent elections in Honduras which was seen as a compromise after a coup d’etat overthrew the democratically elected president earlier this year.  Additionally, the magazine showcases interviews with several Latino businesspeople.

The Washington Independent


  1. Wow…unbelievable. Newt helping Latinos…What a joke!

  2. Newt will never be credible in the eyes of the Latino community…

  3. Hipolito Ramirez says

    Newt Gingrich is just trying to keep up with the jones!