Thursday, April 18, 2024

Palin-Supported Latina Wins Republican Primary in New Mexico

In what will be only the third all-female gubernatorial race in US history, Susana Martinez won the Republican primary race on Tuesday night to challenge Democrat and current Lt. Governor, Diane Denish in New Mexico.

Martinez, who is currently the Dona Ana County District Attorney, won 51 percent of the vote in a five-person race to secure her party’s nomination.  She received the endorsement of former Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin and over $400,000 in donations from Texas developer Bob J. Perry.

Perry gained notoriety in 2004 when he gave the initial funding to the “Swift Boat Campaign” which sought to discredit then presidential candidate John Kerry’s Vietnam War honors.

The former NM state GOP chairman, Allen Weh, gave Martinez her stiffest challenge by running attack ads on the issue of immigration and with recorded calls to voters from Karl Rove.

This race will elect New Mexico’s first female governor.


Huffington Post