Sunday, May 19, 2024

A Media Market That Can Not Be Ignored

If there are any advertisers and marketers still holding out on the Hispanic population they better pay attention to the 2010 Census.

Not that the census will open any eyes to the known fact that the Hispanic population in the U. S. has increased dramatically over the years, but this time around experts say factors in distribution and increasing complexity will have a great impact on media markets across the nation.

Towns in states like South Dakota and Indiana where Hispanics traditionally did not settle in have seen the number of Hispanic homes increase by as much as 617% in one case alone. 

That means Spanish-language media will begin to set up shop in these markets to serve the population.  If advertisers don’t spend their dollars reaching out in these new markets they will undoubtedly be losing out on large returns. 

Lillian Roman, from global media agency MEC says, “In 2010, this census will be a wake-up call for advertisers who’ve been sitting on the fence.  I think they’ll see it’s a growing market that can no longer be ignored.”

 As America has become increasingly engaged with the onslaught of diverse media options, Hispanics are no exception as well, even surpassing the rate at which they use their cell phones to access the internet from the general population 32% to 20% according to one study.

One ad agency executive says that cookie-cutter Spanish-language TV media buys are no longer enough to reach Hispanics.  While Univision and Telemundo remain dominant among the Spanish-language media, various types of outlets ranging from the web to radio have more than doubled this past decade and are only projected to continue that trend.     

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