Saturday, July 20, 2024

McCain Joins Fellow GOP in Calling for Hearings to Change Constitution’s 14th Amendment

The Capitol Hill newspaper, Politico, is reporting that today John McCain stated his support for Congressional hearings to change the 14th amendment of the US Constitution which grants citizenship to all individuals born in the United States.

Conservatives have begun a chorus in recent weeks questioning the validity of the amendment and arguing that is should not apply to the US born children of undocumented immigrants.

McCain had been a long time supporter of comprehensive immigration reform even championing a bill with the late Senator Ted Kennedy.  Now facing a primary election battle, McCain has repudiated his past stances as he and former Republican Congressman JD Hayworth battle for their party’s conservative base.

According to Politico, “By calling for hearings, Republicans can stave off the issue while appeasing conservatives who are eager to see legislative action.



  1. Not shocked. He used to be our advocate. What a two faced politician.

  2. Alejo Carballo says

    Can’t believe I voted for this guy!

  3. Marco Verastegui says

    He is only doing this to win his re-election bid. Isn’t it obvious?