Monday, June 17, 2024

Reported Email Alleges Arpaio Will Send “Army” to Block People from Voting Tuesday

According to America’s Voice, an advocacy group calling for comprehensive immigration reform, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has allegedly sent an email with the following message to his followers:

“STOP ILLEGALS FROM STEALING THE ELECTION! Our grassroots army of VOTER FRAUD PREVENTION VOLUNTEERS will stand vigilant across the nation. We will be the first and strongest line of defense to ensure that only legal citizens vote on November 2nd.”

While false accusations of undocumented immigrants voting in elections have surfaced before, this is the first time ever that an “army” has been recruited by an elected official to stop people from rightfully casting their ballot in an election.

As previously reported in La Plaza, Arpaio is currently being investigated by the federal government over allegations that his practices discriminate against Hispanics and in a separate investigation a federal grand jury in Phoenix is examining whether Arpaio misused federal funds and abused the power of his office to intimidate his political opponents.

Last month he was also slapped with a lawsuit by the federal government over his refusal to cooperate with their investigation.

Americas Voice


  1. …Just like Sen McCarthy, he will one day go too far and run afoul of the law.