Saturday, May 25, 2024

Comcast Looks to Capture Hispanic Audience with Launch of Major Spanish Website

Comcast announced on Monday that it has launched Xfinity TV, a Spanish-language website that will offer free access to hundreds of Spanish-language movies and shows to its digital customers.

The move is part of the company’s efforts to increase television, on demand and online programming available to the largest and fastest growing minority group in the country. Colombian actress Sofia Vergara from ABC’s award-winning show Modern Family has signed on with Comcast to promote the new website in Spanish-language ads.

“We’re fully committed to the Hispanic market,” Marcien Jenckes, general manager of Comcast Video Services, said. “This is almost a doubling down on top of a series of investments that have taken place over the years.”

The website will triple the number of Latino programs on demand to almost 700 and increases the number of high-definition Spanish-language programming on demand and Spanish-language movies on demand the same day they come out on DVD.

“Behind the scenes we’ve been working on a series on initiatives. We feel as though there is now a sufficient critical mass to launch,” Jenckes said. “That 700 is on its way to 7,000 which is on its way to 70,000.”

Media companies have long known that the Hispanic audience is a very important market as it keeps growing larger and that fact is being especially highlighted this year by the census. La Plaza reported last fall that an Univision-AP poll relating to Hispanics and media consumption showed that Hispanics, including English-dominant speakers, turn to Spanish-language media on a daily basis.

Univision, the longest-running Spanish-language channel in the country, draws in a young audience as large as the broadcast networks ABC, CBS, Fox and Comcast-controlled NBC, if not more than these.
The plan by Comcast calls for calls for “huge improvements and increases in Spanish language content” that it offers subscribers, according to Jenckes.

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  1. It’s great that Comcast is trying to expand their service to the Spanish community. I can’t say that it is any better than what they have. Working for DISH Network I can say that we have a variety of Spanish channels to choose from. We have 4 different basic packages for the Spanish language starting at $32.99.