Saturday, June 15, 2024

Latino Museum Commission to present Report to Congress

The commission tasked with researching the feasibility for the National Museum of the American Latino in the nation’s capital will present its final report to Congress and the White House on Thursday.

“Today marks a milestone for the rich and diverse history of our nation, and is a proud moment for the Latino community,” said Secretary Salazar.  “With the creation of a national museum rooted here, in our nation’s capital, the contributions of Latinos will forever be recognized and woven into the American story.  I thank the Commission for their thorough report and service to our country.”

The report is titled “To Illuminate the American Story for All.”

“For two years we have studied what the museum might look like and researched what Latinos would like to see in such a museum,” Henry R. Munoz, Chairman of the commission, said. “We applaud the Smithsonian’s desire to imagine itself as a place that more fully reflects the diversity and depth of American civilization and values in all its multicultural beauty by joining us in the noble effort.”

The idea for a Latino museum has been floating around since the mid 90s when a report found a lack of representation of the contributions of Hispanics to American civilization at the museum complex.

“Should there be a National Museum that reflects the contributions of Latinos to every aspect of American society and culture? Should this proposed museum be part of The Smithsonian, a venerable institution whose mission has always, unwaveringly, been ‘for the increase and diffusion of knowledge?’ The answer is a resounding yes,” Munoz said.

The museum has received the support of high ranking members of the administration such as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who has pledged to raise millions of dollars to fund the museum’s construction.

Although the proposal comes at a time of federal budget constraints Salazar says the Latino museum proposal is a “definitive plan that addresses the history of 1/6 of the population.”

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  1. I have to disagree with critics that say this would be a museum for Latinos only…that is just baloney…Latino culture IS American culture and if you say this is catering to one minority group then you are missing the grand picture that Latinos have contributed an endless amount of history and culture to the melting pot that is the USA and worth noting in a museum…

    How on earth can you justify being against that?