Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Guest Blogger Series: Sheriff Adrian Garcia “Keeping Harris County-Southeast Texas Safe”

My job as the sheriff of Harris County – a county of more than 4 million people – is to help keep them safe.

Harris County is a growing and vast metropolitan area in southeast Texas – home to one of the most culturally rich cities in the nation. Our size and diversity present constant challenges and opportunities to our men and women of law enforcement, committed to creating and maintaining a secure community.

As Sheriff, I also run the county jail. We book and release about 140,000 people every year. Less than 10 percent of them are suspected to be illegal immigrants. Once their local case is over we turn them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and have been since I took office in 2009.

I am the proud son of immigrants, and was born and raised in Houston. I became a police officer here and arrested many law-breakers. So when the bad guys come to my jail for violating the criminal laws of Texas, I make room for them in my crowded jail. If they are here illegally, we refer them to ICE.

My brave and hardworking deputies are fighting crime every day even though we are battling budget cuts from the county, state and federal government because of the economy. Our shrinking budget and manpower is making it challenging to maintain appropriate response times and clearance rates. We are doing more with less, and taking on more responsibilities that should fall on the federal government will not serve Harris County residents well. Besides, I need the confidence of my community to report crime and to serve as witnesses in the prosecution of criminals.

We need a comprehensive immigration policy such as the one President Obama has asked for and as President George W. Bush asked for during his time in office. A policy that effectively secures the border.  A policy that addresses the many families that reside in our communities; families that are working hard, raising their children to respect the community and succeed in school, and families who have never violated any criminal laws. A policy that also holds other countries accountable for failing their citizens to the point that they’re fleeing their homeland for a better life.

My father was a guest worker and returned back home after he completed his contract, and when my parents realized that their homeland was not going to provide a meaningful future for their family, they waited their turn in a long line to enter this country legally. We continue to be a nation of many heritages and the land of opportunity, but we also continue to be a nation of laws. We need leadership in Congress to provide solutions to this issue and stop forcing local communities to deal with federal matters.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia heads the largest sheriff’s office in Texas and the third-largest in the United States. Sheriff Garcia is a native Houstonian who chose public service as a profession and became an officer with the Houston Police Department in 1980.


  1. Keep up the good work Sheriff!

  2. comprehensive immigration reform NOW!

  3. So does this mean you support illegal immigration and will not enforce the laws of this County, this State, and this nation? Just in case you have not figured out your Job it is to enforce laws…So you have proven to be negligent in your duties and you will be replaced..

  4. Adrian is like a box of chocolates, you never know which side you’re going to get. He sounded anti-illegal immigration when speaking to the Texas Tribune, but this article sure sounds like he’s ready to support an amnesty program.

  5. NO. Obviously, you people are out to attack anyone that wants to speak smartly on the issue.

    • Robert Goerlitz says

      Depends on what day you talk to him, the audience present and what mood he is in.

  6. Robert Goerlitz says

    The brave and hardworking Deputies are tired of the unfulfilled promises. When we have asked for fairness we have been given the cold shoulder and shoved to the side. I can understand not having the manpower to enforce federal laws but how about just following the State of Texas laws? He has made the claim to us he is now an adminsitrator and less of being the Sheriff. A direct quote, “I will not support or oppose any labor legislation”. If he won’t support his own troops how do you think he will support the community?

  7. Harris County Voter says

    Adrian Garcia has been the worst Sheriff Harris County Has Ever Had.
    All the Deputies at the Sheriff are Not Happy with any of the decisions he
    has made.

    So Together All of Harris County Needs to Vote Sheriff Adrian Garcia out of